Back on TFR today!!!

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by LisaLisa, 3 January 2009 Social URL.

  1. LisaLisa

    LisaLisa Silver Member

    I dont know if u will remember me - but i was on Lipotrim till the end of october last year, i never did the maintenance part and i regret that now.

    I have put on about a stone since then so i started back on tfr today!!!

    I hope to lose about 2 stone so i will have a decent 'buffer' for when i do maintenance.

    Hope you are all well

    L x
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  3. CAZ72

    CAZ72 Silver Member

    Wow you did fab first time around....Good luck on your restart!!! I'm back on as of today too.. all the best Caz xx
  4. Daisybank

    Daisybank Hmmmmmm!

    hiya hun - welcome back! You have done this before so you can def do it agin. Good luck hun and look forward to seeing you disappear! x
  5. macabar

    macabar Full Member

    I remember you! I'm back too, left at the beginning of October. Good luck!
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  6. LondonIrishOllie

    LondonIrishOllie Pensively Posting

    i'm new so dont remember you unfortunately.. welcome back though and bestest best of luck :)
  7. Cathy

    Cathy Silver Member

    Hey Lisa, I remember you well, welcome back Hun. Good luck for getting going again. We can DO this!! xx
  8. miss_unknown

    miss_unknown Banned

    Welcome back hun, all the best with it again and I am sure ya will do great. Looking forward to hearing your progress again, we are with ya all the way, take care
  9. missyd

    missyd Gold Member

    welcome back Lisa and good luck,i remember you i dont come on here much anymore and your about the only one on here thats familiar lol xx
  10. Daisybank

    Daisybank Hmmmmmm!

    I remember you Missyd x
  11. mousey81

    mousey81 Full Member

    Welcome back and good luck.
  12. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

    Welcome back Lisa. Nice to see you again. We can finish our journey together.

  13. missyd

    missyd Gold Member

    hey:):) i came on here last week the first time in months and i dont think there was a single person on that i recognised! its nice to see some of the old faces:D hope everyone is doing well xx
  14. tara66

    tara66 Silver Member

  15. Shazpaz

    Shazpaz Regular Member

    Hi Lisa......orr look the old gang is coming back to the fold. Good luck hun. You don't need it as I know you'll do fab again.
  16. trimlee

    trimlee Love God; Love People

    I remember you Lisalisa. Welcome back. You can do this!
  17. mama267

    mama267 Full Member

    I remember you lisa I too left at the end of october but people are coming back in their droves. THere are lots of new people on here too.

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