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Back on the SW Green day wagon


Slim for Summer

I started slimming world again a couple of weeks ago, after putying 6lb on woops.

2nd time round i am never going back!!

I am 5'9" and weighed 13st 1lb
I lost 1st 4lbs in 6 weeks of doing slimming world, but then quit(slap hand).
Now i weigh 11st 8lbs. I want to get down to 10st 7lbs.

Lost 6lbs prior to this food diary

Any advice please?

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Slim for Summer

Breakfast - strawberries, blackberries, yoghurt (1 syn)

Snack - clemintine, apple and grape fruit bag

Lunch - W/M pitta(hexB), lettuce, spinach, onion, sweetcorn, 2 babybell(hexA)

Snack - 2 ryvita(hexB), 2 dairylea light(hexA)

Dinner - SW wedges, beans

Snack - Melon, strawberries

SYNS - 0



Slim for Summer

Breakfast - melon, strawberries, blackberries

Snack - Apple fruit bag

Lunch -WM pitta(hexB),42g Mozerella(hexA)lettuce,sweetcorn,spinach

Snack - Clemintine

Dinner - SW Quiche(egg,cottage cheese,onion,spinach)sw chips, beans
Oatybar (hexB)
Oatybar (4.5 syns)

4.5 syns



Slim for Summer
Lost 1lb today 11st 8lbs ?

Was expectibg a gain. I had a chinese last friday, even though it was boiled rice with mixed veg in ok sauce(counted 14syns??)

Wed 5 oct

Breakfast -
Bran flakes (hexB), Blackberries, honey(2syns), yoghurt(2syns)

Snack-oatybar (4.5syns)

Lunch- SW quiche(egg, cottage cheese, onion, spinach) lettuce, onion, sweetcorn, spinach
Grape fruit bag

Snack- fruit bag apple and grapes
2 ryvita(hexB)
2 dairylea light(hexA)

Dinner- pasta, passata, onion, sweetcorn, mozzerella(hexA), 1 quorn sausage(1syn), 2 eggs

Syns- 9.5
Exercise- wii fit 40 mins

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Slim for Summer
Thursday 6 Oct

Breakfast - Beans and Egg(1syn)

Snack - Oatybar(hexB)

Lunch - Pasta, Passata, onion, sweetcorn, 1 quorn sausage, 2 dairylea light(hexA)

Snack -

Dinner - 2 meat free burgers (2syn), cheese and broccali pasta sauce(0.5syns), milk(hexA), spinach, onion and sweetcorn

Snack -

Syns - 4.5
Exercise - Wii personal trainer 40 Mins



Slim for Summer
Friday 7 oct

Breakfast - beans and Egg

Snack -

Lunch - oatybar(hexB)

Snack - nectarine

Dinner -

Syns - alcohol 30??
Exercise - dancing lol



Slim for Summer

Saturday 8 Oct

Breakfast - 2 slice bread(hexB) quorn sausages, beans. Ketchup(1syn)

Snack - nik naks(7.5syns)

Lunch - wholegrain garlic and herb pasta sauce(1syn) cheese(hexA)

Snack -

Dinner - chinese
Vegetables in oyster sauce(10syns??)
Boiled rice
Prawn crackers(10syns)

Syns - 28.5
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Slim for Summer
Sunday 9th Oct

Went shopping today after my lunch. Cant believe i had nik naks, im annoyed at myself.

Breakfast - Nik Naks(7.5) oops

Snack - Oatybar(HexB)

Lunch - Quorn Fillet, cabbage, carrots, broccali, mash potato. Grapes

Snack - slice of SW quiche(egg,cottage cheese, onion,spinach,mushroom) 2 quorn slices of ham

Dinner - 2 slice of toast(hexB) honey (3syns)Grapes, 1 quorn slice of ham

Snack - 2 Thorntons caramel hearts(6syns)

Syns - 16.5
Exercise - 20 min walk

For some reason been really hungry today x
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Slim for Summer
silly sausage said:
Hi Lisa

Do you drink milk? Are you a pescie? I am dead nosey me :eek:
Haha nosey away lol
Yeah i drink milk and eat cheese n free range eggs.
I used to be a pescie but now im a quorn queen lol.
How about you?
I am a milky, eggy, veggie. Green days every day!

The prawn crackers and oyster sauce are confusing me. Never had them but assumed they were fishy by the name :confused: Sorry to be a thicko. Oysters from the ice cream van don't have fish in them, that's all I know :p


Slim for Summer
They make the sauce with mushroom, veggie oyster sauce. Prawn crackers i bought from sainsburys veggie ones. You're not a thicko, they do sound fishy lol :)

Haha you and ice cream lol



Slim for Summer
I know. I stay away from them now though. Cheese and onion crisp sandwich with lurpack was a total addiction of mine. Stay on the wagon, stay on the wagon lol :-D x


Slim for Summer
Monday 10th October

Breakfast - Yoghurt(1syn),honey(1syn),blackberries,bran flakes(hexB)

Snack - Alpen(0.5 hexB), Nectarine

Lunch - Cheese and onion pasta(2syns and hexB), grapes

Snack - Alpen(0.5 hexB)

Dinner - Jacket Potato, cheese(hexA), Beans, lettuce,onion,sweetcorn, Mayo(3syns)

Snack - Yoghurt(2syns) alpen(3syns) honey(1syn)

Syns - 13 syns
Exercise - Cleaning house 2 hours

Syns Left - 2 syns

It wasn't bad just decided to completely throttle it and get bleach and lot out lol.

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Slim for Summer
Tuesday 11th October

Breakfast - Yoghurt(2syns), Blackberries, alpen(0.5hexB)

Snack - Alpen(0.5hexB)

Lunch - Quiche(egg,cottage cheese,onion,spinach), beans, lettuce

Snack - Necterine

Dinner - SW Pizza EUGH MINGING.
Base - Smash, herbs, Garlic.
Topping - Mozzerella(hexA), sweetcorn, Mushroom, pineapple, onion.

Snack - Strawberries, blackberries,mango,pineapple
2 Ryvita(hexB), egg mayo(1syn)

Syns - 2
Week syns - 106
Exercise - 0

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Slim for Summer
2lb off yey. I have eat like a pig aswell wooooooooo :) xxx


Slim for Summer
Wednesday 12th October

Breakfast - Bran Flakes(hexB), FF yoghurt, strawberries and blackberries

Snack -

Lunch - 2 Bread(hexB), egg mayo(1syn), roast veg cous cous (0.5syn). FF total yoghurt with grapes.

Snack - 3 Cadburys chocolate eclairs(4.5syns), oatybar(4.5syns)

Dinner - Quorn, passata, mushroom,onion,sweetcorn,garlic,pasta, cheese(2hexA)

Snack - Pineapple ,grapes, strawberries, mango, melon

Does anyone think im eating too much

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