Back on UK soil

Blonde Logic

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Hi everyone

I am home again. :( Good to be home, but so hard leaving friends and family again.

Anyway - we had a GREAT trip, and there will be lots to share, once I clear the high altitude cobwebs. Feeling well confused, and speaking of fused, walked in to find I have no lights downstairs and a fuse has blown, and I have NO clue about UK electrics. As luck would have it, my OH is still in the states working on our property there, so will have to sort that out somehow.

ANyway - really just wanted to say hi - I'm back - I'm great - trip was FAB - and I have a gazillion posts to catch up on. Will try my best when I wake up a little and get back in this time zone.

Hope all of you are well and happy! I know you are slimmer! :D

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Aaaw welcome back Blonde, glad you had a great time.

Nice to see you back here :D



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Welcome back, you've really been missed on here!

Emma xXx


Fighting Demons....
How peculiar! I was just thinking about you and when you were going to get back this morning!!

Welcome "home"!

B x

Percy greenfingers

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Welcome back. We have a trip switch in the fuse box in the garage, if one of them is pointing down, push it up and that usually works. Good luck.


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Hey BL

Welcome back!!! We have missed you. Glad it all went really well.

If you can find your fuse box you just have to switch the one that has gone off back on, quite easy. However if you have a very old fuse box you have to re-wire the fuse, I had to do that when I lived in Edinburgh and I managed all by myself so it cant be that hard.

Looking fwd to hearing all your stories!


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Welcome back


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Hey BL
Welcome back :)


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welcome back
glad to hear you had such a good time


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Welcome back BL - brilliant to have you back on minimins, you have definitely been missed! Good luck with the fuse issue, and will speak to you soon (metaphorically speaking!) xx


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Nice to have you back with us hope you've sorted the fuse


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I hope you had a fab holiday BL, nice to see you back:hug99:



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Welcome back!! So good to have you back. I was worried with all the fires and such.


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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH your back BL.Missed ya sooooooo much
Glad you had a good hol and caught up with friends and family, cant wait to hear the fun you had.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Welcome back BL

Hello, I don't have to say , you've been missed, everyone has beaten me to it.
Hope you had a fab Thanksgiving with our family and enjoyed seeing your friends. It must have been hard coming back and leaving OH there.
How are your cats? When are you back to work.
I look forward to hearing about your trip and no doubt seeing some pictures. I'll bet everyone was amazed by how slim you are now - di you but any more clothes?