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Back to basics....

Monday 26th September - extra easy

I have re-read the books and am ready to shift this last stone!

2 weetabix, banana, apple, total 0% yoghurt, teaspoon jam 0.5 syns

Left over beef stew - 1 syn for flour

Sausage caserole with beans, peppers, onions and chopped toms and jacket potato with 1 laughing cow light triangle - 4 syns for sausages
Muller light yoghurt

Syns for the day - 5.5
HEX A - 200 ml of ss milk and 1 cheese spread triangle
HEX B - 2 weetabix
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Mmmm sausage caserole, you've inspired me. Think I'll have to nip to the butchers and buy some syn free sausages. They do a garlic and herb one it stinks the fridge out for days but tastes delicious.

Malibu xx
Well I did it - stuck to plan 100% for a whole day. I am really motivated right now which is good as have been wobbling for some time. I am shocked to realise I weigh more now than I did last year but its my own fault for letting things slide so much. I feel I have my old enthusiasm back which is key to success!

Mini goal to lose 7 pounds by end of October - can be done! I am going to keep the syn's low like I used to back in the day and im also not drinking - having just come back from 2 weeks in the sun with plenty of beer/vino the detox will do me good!

Today is red

Breakfast : 2 weetabix with banana and 125ml ss milk

Lunch : chicken and ham salad with 2 boiled eggs and extra light mayo (0.5 syns) turned into egg mayo. I tbsp of branston (1 syn) and half a muller light yohurt mixed with an apple.

Tea : haddock with new pots (HXB) and broccoli

Snack : Muller light, hobnob (3.5)

Hot milk before bed hxa

Syns : 5
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Sounds good :)

I had potato cakes for breakfast so I could save my HexB for my rivita snack.

For lunch its Tuna Jacket and salad.
How much Mayo is 0.5 syns, I have 2 tbsp of extra light for dinner and was going to syn it as 2 but if its 0.5 for 1 tbsp all the better.

For tea its sausage caserole as inspired by you lol. How do you make yours, I usually bang in some gravy granual but am trying to be extra good this week

Keep up the good work!

Malibu xx

I tbsp of extra light mayo is 0.5 - i ended up mixing it with the boiled eggs and having egg mayo chicken salad which was scrummy - i also treated myself to a tbsp of branston pickle - another addiction!

Sausage caserole last night was lovely - so filling which is what i like! I cook 8 sausages - the light choices cumberland tesco ones which are 1 syn each and while they are cooking, fry 2 green peppers and 1 red and 2 small red onions. Mix them both together in caserole dish, throw in the chopped toms and a can of baked beans and then mix in some chilli flakes - so easy yet so yummy - i would normally melt cheese on top but had already spent my A!

How do you make potato cakes?? I am a bit rubbish with breakfast - weetabix is just so easy and dont need to weigh it!

Sarah xx
... think Ill give your version on sausage casserole a bash.

The potato cakes are more like rosties, i grated potato and sweade and thinly sliced an onion then boiled them, let them cool and then shaped in to flat circles. they were a bit of faffing and they took ages to cook in the oven. think i need to boil potatoes first then grate them to get rid of the excess water, think thats why they took so long.

I made them last night and then just dry fried them this morning to warm them up.

Malibu xx
Back to work today so meal times slightly out, breakfast at 130 this afternoon and lunch at 4 - must make time to eat like I always manage time to drink lots of coffee!

Today was green

Breakfast : weetabix oati bar and banana

Lunch : tomato mug shot

Tea : chips, eggs and beans with cheese (a)
Muller light and 2 hobnobs (7)

Missing my second b today but not hungry so no point!

Syns today : 7

3 100% days done, excellent!
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Oh what a stress of a day - must win lottery so no need to work!

Thursday : extra easy

Breakfast : weetabix bar and banana (b)

Lunch : mugshot and apple and Muller

Tea : spag bog with cheese (a)

Syns : 2 hobnobs : 7

4 days done!
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Friday, friday!

Extra easy today

I missed breakfast - so busy and just forgot!

Lunch : 4 riveta (b) with 5 light laughing cow triangles (a) and vanilla Muller

Tea: lamb shank with pots and veg

Syns : wine! Detox broken 10 syns
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Saturday 1st October

Green day, am going to have to spend some syns tonight as going out and having now broke the detox I dont particularly want to drink diet coke all night. Going to stick to spirits so hope to spend no more than 10 syns!

Breakfast : weetabix and banana (a and b)

Lunch: jacket and beans

Tea : pasta bake with cheese (a)before going out to keep me full!

Extra B is going to be 2 ryvita fruit crunch
Snacks will be fruit only!
Ok so yesterday went wrong! In the end it was extra easy as I went to a bbq in the end and drank far too much - though didn't eat too much!

Saturday - extra easy

Breakfast : weetabix b and half a

Lunch : pasta bake (a)

Tea : home made burger, lamb burger (2.5 syns), half chicken breast, coleslaw low fat tbsp estimate 1 syn as 100g is 3.5! Chipalata 2 syns total 5.5

Drink: bottle rose : 25 syns
2 ginger beer : 20 syns

Monday - must not wobble this weekend!

Today was red

Breakfast - forgot

Lunch - 4 riveta (b) with cheese spread (a) and Muller light

Tea - chicken suprise and jacket (b) salad cream (1.5)

Good day thank goodness! Had to literally run away from chocolate, was chased with it but managed to avoid!

Haven't decided weigh day yet maybe Wednesday Hmmmm

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