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Back to basics

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Boorooandalfie2, 8 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. After yo yoing up and down for the past 12 months it's about time I started sticking to this diet and shifting some weight. Hoping by having a public online food diary I will be more tempted to stick to it.

    Day 1 Breakfast - porridge (heb) with skimmed milk (hea) chopped apple and cinnamon. Coffee (milk from hea)
    Snack -apple, grapes, satsuma
    Lunch- left over pasta bake from last night 1tbsp Parmesan 1.5 syns
    snack - special k bar 4.5 syns
    Dinner - caramilsed onion and mustard pork, green beans, broccoli, boiled potatoes.

    1/2 pack rowntree randoms 4 syns

    Total syns - 10
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  3. Ended up also having yoghurt and banana for a little bedtime snack last night too and succumbed to a small bag of jelly tots whilst putting party bags together for another 5syns, taking yesterday's total to 15.

    Not feeling particularly hungry this morning so breakfast has been some fruit and a coffee. Hoping to keep the syns on the low side today, planning on a mugshot for lunch and dinner this evening will either be Moroccan chicken or Philly cheese stuffed chicken.
  4. sarah83

    sarah83 I will be a yummy mummy!

    I'm subscribing :)
    We're starting at a really similar weight so will be good to support each other? I've got the same attitude as you - posting all my food (and all my blips) publicly will hopefully make me stick to it.

    Good luck for today - both your dinner ideas sound lovely xx
  5. Thanks, opted for the Philly chicken :) could have been better today but I've been making up sweetie cones and it was a bit too much temptation a couple ended up in my mouth :( shouldn't have gone over my syns but I hadn't wanted to have too many today.
  6. So today didn't quite go to plan.
    lumch ended up being a cheese sandwich using both healthy extras.
    i ended up munching on some sweets which I'm counting 10 syns for.
    Dinner was much better and had the stuffed chicken for 5syns with green beans, sprouts, broccoli & new potatoes.

    Want to try and up my water intake tomorrow as apart from coffee this morning/evening I've barely drank today.
  7. sarah83

    sarah83 I will be a yummy mummy!

    You still kept within the plan though so that's really good, and well done for limiting your sweeties, I'm not sure I would have done!
    Your dinner sounds lovely, I haven't had tea yet so starving reading that!
  8. tinks*

    tinks* Silver Member

    Hi, your dinner sounds lush. I haven't done a stuffed chicken for ages, I need to add that to my list. Don't worry about the sweets, they were within your syns. :) I need to up my water intake too. Only had my cups of tea's worth, I just forgot about it. Opps. Hope you have had a good day. xx
  9. First time I'd done stuffed chicken but fancied trying something different.

    B - 2x dry fried eggs, 2x whole meal bread (HEB) tbsp ketchup 1syn
    L- pasta &sauce with some salad
    D- ??? I'm in work tonight but don't know what to take.
  10. So this weekends not been brilliant, had my 6yr olds party on Saturday, but I wrote everything down and sunned it all (40 syns!!! Eek!). Normally the next day would follow suit and I'd write the week off but I was straight back on plan on Sunday. I was in work so wasn't the most exciting food days but I stuck to plan and that was the main thing.
    B- fruit and yoghurt
    L- tomato mugshot, banana, yoghirt
    D- roast chicken, new potatoes, carrots, sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli with 1.5 syns of gravy & 1 syn for mustard.
    also had 2 x quality street chocs ( we were given a belated Christmas present over the weekend) 5syns and a couple of haribo sweets left over from the party. I'm counting 5syns for those.
  11. Paisley88

    Paisley88 Full Member

    Hi :) subscribing as we have pretty much the same amount of weight to lose- off to first meeting tonight, have been doing it at home by myself since the new year
  12. Yesterday was a good day.

    B- fruit
    L- roast chicken sandwich (whole meal bread HEB) mustard 2 syns, cherry tomatoes & 2 primula pods (HEA)
    D- mushy pea curry with chicken & boiled rice. Kept the syns low to make up for weekend.

    Had my first weigh in of being back on plan and lost 2lb. I'm aiming to lose 2lb a week so I am happy with that :)
  13. Today was weigh day. I get weighed at 10am so just had coffee for breakfast, then a hi if bar for 3 syns after weigh in.

    L- Cherry tomatoes, cucumber chunks and some of asdas pre cooked chicken tikka pieces and sweet chilli chicken pieces. I'm unsure of the exact syn values of these so I've counted 5 for it and I will look up properly later on.

    D- tonight is going to be sw chips and curry sauce (left over from yesterday) planning on using my HEB for some bread to make chip but ties too Mmm. HEA has been used on milk in coffees throughout the day.

    Currently snacking on grapes and may have a mugshot later on when I do the children's tea as I won't be eating properly until later this evening.
  14. sarah83

    sarah83 I will be a yummy mummy!

    Well done for your loss!
    I'm going to have to make myself mushy pea curry, would you recommend? I've seen that some people blend it and some don't, I think I probably will to make the texture a bit smoother.

    I can't imagine those Asda chicken pieces would be much, they may even be free x
  15. tinks*

    tinks* Silver Member

    Well done for your loss. :) xx
  16. I blended the curry up, much nicer. It's not like a 'proper' curry but quite like curry sauce from the chippy. Nice on chips or in a jacket potato.
  17. Not eaten a huge amount today as not feeling great, hope I'm not coming down with something.

    B- shred dies (HEB) with chopped banana & skimmed milk (HEA) coffee

    L- 2x hifi light bars (6syns) tea

    D- meant to be making jerk chicken with salad & sw chips but not sure if I fancy it now.

    Not had much super free today so will squeeze a bit more fruit in before bedtime too.

    I find I tend to use my HEB at breakfast and I find I'm struggling for lunch ideas. Between nursery drop offs and trying to get the house in a reasonable order whilst I have a free hour, I don't have a huge amount of time and there's only so many mugshots you can eat before you get sick of the sight of them :) ordinarily I'd grab a sandwich or piece of toast but think I need some inspiration.
  18. tinks*

    tinks* Silver Member

    Hope you feel better soon. Do you have much time in the evening? So that you can make something for lunch?

    How about, special fried rice, I like that cold the day after? or soups? Pasta and Sauce? You can get those McCain micro potoatos, there really nice and quick to do when your in a rush. I find having a big bowl of ready made salad in the fridge helps me, and saves time. So when I have less time I can just chuck it on the plate with something. xx
  19. Yeah think I need it get more organised. Usually by the time I've got the boys in bed, sorted the next days uniforms etc I just want to curl up on the sofa. Think a salad bowl will be good as it just seems a pain in the day preparing salad bits when it's just me, but if can just grab some of what's already there will be easier x
  20. sarah83

    sarah83 I will be a yummy mummy!

    I find the easiest dinners are leftovers from the night before, either the same or made into something different. Like I made extra pasta for tea tonight which I'll have for lunch Friday. Or if you've got the oven on, stick a jacket spud in which you can just reheat next day in the micro. Or cook extra potatoes and veg which you can have cold with other salad bits next day.
    It's hard not having the time as the last thing you want to do is cook when you're shattered at the end of the day. I get home from work at 6, spend an hour with my daughter before she goes to bed, then crack on with our tea. Last thing I want to do when I finally have the chance to sit down after dinner is cook even more lol!

    But yes I find being organised is best, I spend a lunch hour in work each week writing my meal plans for the week including breakfasts and lunches, so I know each day if I need to cook more of my tea!

    Don't worry it'll come together, it's just an effect of our hectic lifestyles lol!
  21. Yep I think leftovers are the way forward.

    Yesterday's food diary

    B- fruit, coffee (milk from HEA) hifi light (1/2HEB)

    L- ham, cheese & leek pasta & sauce, satsuma, pear (1syn)

    D- jerk chicken, garlic wedges & salad (didn't end up having it on wed so had it last night instead)

    Snacks - banana, yogurt (1/2syn) hifi (1/2HEB) 2 x space raiders (8syns)

    Total syns 9 1/2

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