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Back to GI

Hi everyone,

Nice to see the GI forum so busy :)

I did GI about 5 years ago and lost about 5half stone on it.

I got pregnant with my son and sadly gained all of that and a bit more :(

I have got to get back in the zone and like this diet as the benefits of eating the GI way really agree with me as I have PCOS too.

Wish me luck... starting tomorrow morning!

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Hi mum of one, and welcome back to GI! That's great that GI worked so well for you before, and it's great that you're taking charge again :)

I agree I really like this diet alot too. Look forward to reading about your weightloss updates :)
Hi Cali!

A lovely welcome. Thank you :) yes I am excited to start. My whole system feels sluggish and slow and I am so fed up of processed crap! I just need to get rid of all the sugar and rubbish from my system.

Yes the diet worked very very well for me last time. I lost that weight in under a year too. I was so strict though. Not one ounce of sugar passed my lips for a year! Nor a crisp or anything bad.

I hope I can achieve this again.

Will post my food tomorrow !

Wow that's incredible! I hope I can be as good as good you :)

I'm sure you'll start to feel better as soon as you start GI :)
Welcome back to GI, mum of one.

Having a baby and looking after a little one, as rewarding as it is, means that we are constantly exhausted. We neglect ourselves and get into a situation where it's really hard to get off the cycle of convenience eating etc. I know, because I have a three year old (how old is yours?) and its taken me all this time to say enough is enough.

So, well done for taking the first step back to health. I'm sure you will be successful :)
Hi Ashi,

My son has just turned 5. I do find it hard even now. I hope I can do this. Thank you for the lovely message :) I shall put up my meals today!


irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Hi, I remember you from last year. It's great to see you back on board. You did so well on Gi and had such a great result within a year. You are a great example to everyone of how great results can be achieved through eatng a good balanced diet. So I look forward to following your progress. good luck hon.
Hello all, not been on here as did my back in and got dreadful case of thrush in my mouth!! Have certainly lost weight!!!

I have been living on natural yoghurt and some water melon as its all I could eat. Better now so back to it tomorrow.

Thanks for kind wishes everyone let's hope I can do this second time round



Paleo maintenance rocks!
Welcome back again! Sorry to hear you've been so poorly but glad you are better now. The low GI diet should help prevent thrush recurring due to the low sugars. :) I'm sure you CAN do it the second time around, you have done it once which proves you can. :)
Glad to have you back:) Sorry to hear that you weren't doing well.
Hi guys

Well going ok and to be honest not eaten much really as in so much pain with my sciatica that I cant even face food right now.

So this morning I had 1 wholemeal toasted slice with sliced tomatoes on and a little salt and pepper and a cup of decaf tea.

Thanks for all the lovely messages guys and will post my lunch later on
I hope you feel better soon!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Oh you poor thing. I know exactly how you feel. Hope you get relief. Hope food stays good.

Sorry not been on here but been poorly but have been sticking to GI and have lost a total of 12 pounds to date which I am chuffed with. I read on other threads about easiyo. Which sachets are GI friendly? I have a easiyo yoghurt maker too :)

Thank you
Hi Mum of one, hope you're feeling better.

Congratulations on your 12 lbs weightloss! That's really amazing and great :)


Paleo maintenance rocks!
Well done on losing 12lb, that's great! :D

Personally I like the low-fat Greek and also the low-fat fruit flavours (I add agave syrup when making them up). Skimmers really didn't do it for me, sloppy texture and tasted of nothing! Molly has said that she also has the other varieties, just has a smaller portions of the ones with sugar in. Even the sweetened or fullfat versions are still pretty healthy I think.
Hiya, oh thank you so much for that. I have agave here, its lovely.

Some of that 12lbs is through a bit of illness.

Just had breakfast.

Bowl of berries with some spoons of 0% greek yog and one slice of wholemeal bread and a cup of tea.

Just gonna read through the posts as not been on here for a while :(

thank you again x