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back to reality healthy eating

:cry: well im starting today back on cd im supposed to be happy and motivated so why am i sat here in floods of tears nothing is going right it started when i got up the lazy bf not put bin out so had to deal myself in the peeing rain then he knabbed a pack of my cigs even though he admitted didnt like them a few days ago then im on here and everytime i post on prev threads they dont seem to be updating in new posts or summary what the hell is going on sorry to rant but if i dont im gonna end up losing it og btw think its totom !:cry:
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Aww Kittkat, sorry to hear you're having such a tough day, sending you a big :hug99:

Are you in work? Can you do something nice to treat yourself, buy some lovely pampering products (stay away from the food shops though)

Hope it gets better for you today - come on and rant all you like, helps to get it out of your system.

Take care
morning md not in work till 1pm work till nine how do i edit my titles been trying nothings happening ??? bought some pampering stuff yesterday new foundation and some face peel stuff from boots no7 range and got loads of goodies free


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Hi Kittykat, thinks can only get better and tomorrow is the start of your new slimmer life!! Im sending a huge hug to you and im sure plenty of others will to. Good luck for tomorrow, it wont be long before your seeing those fab results and feeling better about everything. Sarahxx
Sarah im actually back on cd today had 1 large black coffee and 2 pints of water think i may need paracetamol soon as stomach is killing will have 1st pack in about 1hr then another at 5 my lunch break and one when i get in about 9.30 hopefully it will be easier this time round as not allowed anything apart from water at my desk at work xxxxxx
:) feeling more positive now just admitted to bf that totm he replied thats why you were snappy earlier :sigh: ive made a buttercotch shake along with large cup of peppermint tea nand 1/2 pint water im sooo gonna do this would love to lose 9 stone by xmas if i ever come on here to say im quitting kick me up the but !!!!


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Hi Kittykat, sorry thought you said tomorrow for restart, congratulations on getting started today just keep focused on the end of the week as you will feel so much better after a few days.
I have about 8 stone to lose so I will be here to kick you up the bum any time its needed and just hope you will return the favour for me!! I know its easy to fall of the wagon I did it last year having lost 5 stone and Ive put it all back on but im determined its coming off and staying off this time. Good luck and look forward to speaking to you on here often. Sarahxx.
well just got home from work thanks for all your lovely posts feeling better just hungry god i forgot how much you weee had 2 packs today and loads of water coffee & peppermint tea gonna have last pack in a bit when watching shameless
day 1 nearly over bring on day 2 :) smoked too much but never mind cant do it all at once xxxxxxx
meant to mention earlier about what happened earlier ....... i set off for work ,last thing i did before leaving the house was go for a pee on my way thought id stop at whsmith for a mag to read on my lunch break needed something to pass the time when paying for the mag got this sudden urge to pee no not literally but needed to find somewhere quick so i came out and thought id have to drive to macds nooooooo i dont want to go in there huge temptation luckily toys r us was in same complex as smiths and they had a loo well i peeed for england i really didnt think that in 15 bloody minutes of leaving home i would need to go think i may need to invest in a potty !!:giggle: :giggle:
day 1 over bring on day 2 i know i can do this even if it means investing shares in andrex !!!:) :) :)


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i post on prev threads they dont seem to be updating in new posts or summary what the hell is going on sorry to rant but if i dont im gonna end up losing it og btw think its totom !:cry:
Hi Kittykat,

Sorry to hear your having a bad day:(

When you look up new posts or summary you will not see your own posts, because the new posts and summary are for you only of what other members have done.

Like I can see yours, but not my own, just as you can see me but not your own.:rolleyes:

If you click on your own profile you will see all your posts.

Love Mini xxx
Have a great day today :)
morning all well woke today felt loads better cant believe dont feel hungry yet just had a peppermint tea and am now all glammed up for work even though i dont leave till 11.45 it gives me more time on here lets hope i can get to work today without a toilet break :eek: come to think of it i didnt need to get up during the nite surprising the amount i drank


Of course I can!
Hi KittyKat, day 2 for me too.

Ive found it hard going but am already in Ketosis so feel better for having not had that meal I wanted in my head, last night!

We can do it right!

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