Bad bad week


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Hey all

Have had such a bad week :cry: Really stressful weekend last weekend as had a formal work meeting with HR about being off sick last year (had severe depression) and although management are being supportive it's still not a pleasant process and I am being "monitored" for next 3 months. And since I've got back I just went into comfort mode and have been half binging / half slimfasting since then.

Just had a big choc binge this evening but before i go back into that cycle of self-disgust /eat I really want to start again tomorrow. Just so hard to motivate myself.. haven't been out of the house all week and just feel crap.

Any words of wisdom?
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Its hard when u slip bk in the cycle...
None of us are experts obviously but I can tell u what helps me!!
U have to really want to be strong though... After reading Paul mckenna i think ok i will allow myslef a little treat or pick me up (last night i had a very small portion of chips as its TOTM and feelin bit sorry 4 myself!!). I enjoyed every single mouthful, and when i was full i chucked them away.
Then u know uve done well chuckin them, u enjoyed it rather than cramming ur mouth and in a way almost self harming!! And u dont feel worse 4 giving urself a little treat!

Im an emotional eater and I really struggle sometimes too. So I know just how u feel, and how hard it is 2 get out that rut when u slip bk in cos it takes a lot of strength.

Have u got any nice photos of urself, or abissmal 1s u dont want ne1 to see!! That reminds u why ur doing all this I find!!

And another Paul MCKennna tip; close ur eyes and c the skinny u that u want 2 b. How does she feel, what does she look like, how does she hold herself, how does she move, and what do others see?
Now imagine when uve felt full to the brim and about to burst and really cross that u fell off the wagon and how that makes u feel, and do the same as above for the u whos just binged.
Also imagine the chocolate and how much u crave it and taste that lovely taste and the lovely feeling u get from the choc. Now imagine its not choc.. its liver, or some disgusting food u hate!! And its been on the floor its covered in hair... now do u want the chocolate?!

Think thats enough of a post for now lol!!

Beleive in urself huni. Uve done amazing so far. U can do it xxx


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Not really words of wisdom, but I'm sort of going through the same thing. I've got the biggest competition of my life coming up at the end of the month, and because of stress I couldn't sleep (had to buy tablets to try to help,) I was getting really irritable, and I was turning to biscuits and chocolate for energy boosts, and just snacking without being hungry. That's why I haven't weighed in for a bit.

Get out for a walk. Exercise helps, and sunlight too. I'm refusing to buy biscuits (I'm now avoiding that aisle in the shops, and I've told my flatmates that biscuits are banned from our house because I have a problem with them.) Find a fruit you like and buy lots of it. A bag of granny smiths has replaced the packet of biscuits on the counter, and when I'm craving biscuits I force myself to have an apple and remember why I'm doing this. I feel much better for it in an hours' time. I also stopped carrying money with me a lot of the time -a lot harder to buy biscuits when I haven't got any cash!

Does any of this help you? Good luck and get back on track!


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Not got many words of wisdom but have plenty of hugs! :hug99: :hug99: :hug99: x1000!!!!!

It cant be nice being 'monitored' for 3months it must make you feel like you've done wrong by being signed off! Which you havent!

Just keep your chin up!
You've been around for me the past few days an im guna be here for you too :)

You can do this! Its not easy but im positive you can!

:D :D :D :D :D :D


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You know you will feel sooooo much better than when you get back on track. I don't really have any advice but can really empathise. Try and get out for some walks as it will really help.....easier to say than do when your feeling low I know. So much easier to hide away! You give everyone else such good advice and thoughtful replies....sorry I can't offer more! xx


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I think its completely normal for most dieters to have a relapse and then feel absolutely terrible for it!! I myself have had a bad day on Friday at work so binged on a kebab and vodka! I felt like crying the next day because i knew my whole weeks worth of being good could have just been ruined in one night!!

But today is a new day! Start a fresh and think positive that 'I will lose this weight!!' Im definitely sure you will but you have to believe in yourself :) x


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Hi Goreygirl, I hope you are feeling better.

don't be to hard on yourself you are not the only one who has gone off track, you had a crap week with work then finished it off with a binge. It happens, i had a ruckus with myself yesterday over my Saturday morning" toast laden with butter" habit, i kept saying to myself no, don't have the toast you have done so well this week, well, you know what i did eat it, and it was lovely. I know that if i hadn't of had it i would have spent the day eating junk to compensate, a few slices of toast laden with butter and marmite might not seem much but its still calorie and fat laden.

We are all trying to lose weight, and for most of us it didn't go on over night and we don't claim to be saints, we're gonna slip up sometimes, but hey no one stole the crown jewels. Don't dwell on what has happened there's nothing you can do about it. Try to be positive, do you plan your daily food the night before so that you don't have to think about what you are going to eat. I have wrote a list of the 100 cal snacks we can have, i find knowing i can have some nice eats during the day really helps me stay on track.

As for the work problems (easier said than done i know) try not to worry about being monitored its probably just work policies. Just remember your not on your own, we're here to help if we can, even i it's just for a chat. x


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Thanks all

Weekend was a bit of a washout but I've gotten up today determined to not to keep giving into the "downer" and am going to start tackling all the chores that have built up around the bingefest as I know having a trashed house brings me down. I've also just arranged an initial session with a counsellor to try and help me stay on straight and narrow.

So day one today and then one day at a time.

Thanks all again



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counselling helps me.. just having someone to bounce ur ideas off and help realise ur not actually nuts just analytical helps!


Hey Goreygirl. Thats great you've made an appointmant for councelling. Definaltely go with the cleaning up. I let things like house work build up and you feel worse looking at it so can't do it and it gets even worse. Jus take a bit at a time and give yourself a reward at the end of each bit, even if its half an hour of loose women ;-) I hope things get better at work. Have been through the same and know how hard it is... good luck.


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I remember someone once saying, "if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got" which helps me think about doing something different, remember time will still pass anyway - so you can choose to do something or not.

On a practical level, I find that I have to just not have chocolate or biscuits in the house because I will eat them...all of them!