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Bad breath

This is Day 2 on the ss programme and my mouth tastes disgusting. Are there are mints (tic tacs maybe) that you can suck on to alleviate the bad breath?

I've also got a slight headache (carb withdrawal) and was curious if this goes once in ketosis?
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I think tic-tacs are a no no, how about a breath spray or those minty strip things ?


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I didn't have mints etc. Just got through bottles of mouthwash and toothpaste!!

If headaches persist, try to up your water intake, or you can take headache tablets.

Good luck with your weight loss. Although it's tough for the first couple of days, it gets so much easier, just keep your goals insight, and before you know it, you'll be there and will be thinking it wasn't so bad afterall:D

Take care


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Mints are a no-no, I believe, so I use RetarDEX breath spray. Good stuff!

The headaches will go when you're in ketosis - horrible aren't they?

I'm new to this diet so please don't quote me. But I have been having chewing gum, I am limiting myself mind you. I know I am not suppose to be having it but I'm a smoker and that as well as the taste/smell this diet causes I just can't not have the stuff, I'd hate for someone to smell smelly breath on me.

But as I'm trying not to have gum as much as pre-diet, I'm finding cleaning my teeth and using mouth wash more than ever helps!
My CDC recommended sugar free chewing gum and its worked for me.

As for the headaches just keep drinking the water, it does help (honestly) and you'll feel loads better in a couple of days.

Good luck

Jo xx


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I can confirm no tic tacs. Or any other kind of sweet in fact.

The official blurb on sugar free gum is it's fine for a few minutes of chewing providing you know it doesn't give you cravings, make you hungry or give you excess stomach acid - bearing in mind that the chewing action does make your stomach produce stomach acid. (Don't worry about the carbs in the SF gum - it looks high, but it's the wrong kind of carbs to affect ketosis.) Do however beware that excess use of chewing gum can give you the runs - yay!

Breath sprays - ok

Those strips that melt on your tongue - ok

And of course brushing teeth and using mouthwash - ok

Carb withdrawal headaches should go when you get into ketosis, but rather than suffer do take your usual pain killers. (Apparently beware of soluable aspirin that contains citric acid!)

And of course above all make sure you're drinking at least the minimum amount of water which is 4 pints or 2.25l every day with an extra glass thrown in for each carton or bar you have.
Mints are a no-no, I believe, so I use RetarDEX breath spray. Good stuff!

The headaches will go when you're in ketosis - horrible aren't they?
The headache isn't too bad, its just uncomfortable and always there at the moment.

HAve taken a couple of paracetemol and seemed to have helped.

Am looking forward to getting the next few days under my belt and moving into ketosis.:)


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Good start with your blog.

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