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Bad day but there is an up side!

Yesterday was such a bad day. I couldnt resist the temptation of a Sausage & Tomato Toastie, then later a share in an Indian curry....(It was yummy!) BUT, I am not sure if the fact I am not used to such foods gave me a bad tummy or wether the Cafe I had the food from was alittle dodgey?

Who knows!

Anyhow, I have found out a possible reason to why I have been having palpitations. Apparently, when eating low carb diets, this can happen. Although I stick to what I am supposed to eat rigidly, I am through choice going to add the odd bit of 'forbidden foods' on the odd days. Nothing major though, as that defeats object of diet.

I think this is such a great diet for losing weight but long term I dont think its healthy.

Needless to say the palpitations have stopped
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I think if you're happy to take your time then having the odd thing won't kill you. I know for me though if I 'cheat' it's way harder to go back to the diet plan and it sets back my weight loss but if you don't have a deadline in mind and have the willpower to keep going back to the plan then I *and I'm not an expert* but I don't see how you wouldn't continue to lose, albeit slowly.
I do think this diet is healthy though, and that's where we disagree. A lot of the carbs we'd be used to eating are over-processed, wheat-laden and nutritionally lacking and eating lean meat, oat bran, non-starchy vegetables, natural yoghurt and fat free foods with no oil I am without a doubt the healthiest I have ever been!!!


** Chief WITCH **
I guess we all define the word "healthy" differently!

While I might say the diet isn't particularly healthy myself, it's more the lack of fruit and veg (some days) I'd be referring to rather than some "other things", let's say ;)
Thats exactly right Maintainer! People do not get told to have five portions of fruit and veg daily for nothing but what really surprised me was the fact that in the next phase (the one after the cruise)...even then we are only two slices of bread. I was quite surprised and only one portion of fruit per day.
I'm an all or nothing person when it comes to dieting and end up a bit OCD when I'm on a diet. I like the freedom within the confines of the DD and think that if I had the odd forbidden treat, I'd fall off the diet wagon quicker than you could say 'whoa there'...

I was never a fruit person before I started the diet as I really don't have a sweet tooth and amazingly managed not to end up with skurvy ;) And besides, it's not like it's forever!
Not an expert ... but I can't see why this would be unhealthy - on pp days you can have goji berries and on PV days we have veg - so we are getting the nutrition ..... it's certainly healthier than having takeaways a couple of nights a week!


** Chief WITCH **
I wouldn't consider most breads healthy, no. And with baker's closing everywhere, long life supermarket bread isn't particularly (check the ingredients!)? It's true in the UK one often thinks of one meal being a bread one, but on the Continent that isn't the case. And, while a little bread might accompany a meal, it's rarely THE meal.

2 x (small!) slices - 40-50g per day - is all that's allowed in Conso. You won't have missed it, I'm sure, once you get your head around eating more healthily with this diet.

Let's face it - none of us became overweight eating "healthily" so what we're doing now has to be better for us long term! :D
I wouldn't consider most breads healthy, no. And with baker's closing everywhere, long life supermarket bread isn't particularly (check the ingredients!)?
I agree - I found I really don't like supermarket bread since doing dukan, and avoid it.

I hit a vein of gold last night - my local waitrose was selling off Poilane loaves at 1/3 the normal price, just before the sell by date. I have three huge loaves in the freezer now, and I'll be toasting my daily ration straight from the arctic everyday, and eating with a little fresh tomato scraped over it every morning - bliss.
I had not heard of the Goji Berries and they are certainly something I will be looking for in the weekly shop! Perhaps its me, I think I am traditional in the way of eating normally and I get easily worried so when someone like e.g my mum (who has every great intention) says something and starts worrying...then I start worrying. BUT after further reading and reading what you guys have put...then I am more at ease about what I am doing. Thanks :)
cteena - don't worry about the small quantity of fruit on conso. In many ways fruit if just a vegetable which has been bred to have lots more sugar in it, which is why most fruit is so limited in cruise and conso.

You are gteting just as much nutrition from 5 veg as you would from 5 fruits**, but with out the sugar - adding 1 fruit a day in conso helps you to learn to cope with increasing sugar levels as you stabilise.

Case in point - my mother watched me snack my way through a whole bag of cherry tomatoes, then told me she was worried I wasn't getting in vitamin C... face+palm, mum!
One thing I would say is that no country can agree on what the 'healthy' amount of fruit and veg is and the advice is always changing.

When I think about healthy I think about our 'natural' diet and by 'natural' I mean the one man would have been eating for MOST of his existence. When you look at it that way, MOST of our existence as a species has been as a hunter/gatherer - the agrarian culture is a recent thing in our timeline. And when you think of hunter/gatherer you have to think seasonal. Meat was available all year round, fruit was NOT. Leafy veg was more abundant in spring/summer, but tubers could be harvested all year.

The few tribal societies left in the world which still eat this way do not have problems with obesity, heart disease or cancer and there's a good chunk of research to suggest that the reason why is because their diet is nothing like the food pyramid Western countries advocate, but in fact the inverse of it (i.e. meat/fish being the largest tier at the bottom rather than carbs)
Interesting point about the healthiness of the diet:

I have just been advised by two seperate doctors that, healthwise I SHOULD follow a diet of lean protein, vegetables, fruit, no sugar and only wholemeals and whole grains as a permanent long term diet.

So as that is basically Dukan personified, I am pleased that I did the right thing by starting the diet as I now have it actually on paper that it's medically advised.
Absolutely, and you can always have Dukan bread made with Oatbran! I never feel the loss from supermarket bread because in my family we never ate it, always home-made fibre rich bread because supermarket bread is so overprocessed! Dukan agrees with my body on so many levels!
I never feel the loss from supermarket bread because in my family we never ate it, always home-made fibre rich bread because supermarket bread is so overprocessed!

Same here. I always made my own in the breadmaker. I do miss a fresh spelt loaf I have to say. I want to experiment with the oatbran and see if it's at all possible to come up with a 'lighter' loaf - one without all the eggs in. Oatbran is like a sponge so I'm thinking it'd need way more than the usual amount of liquid.
I've never made a full Dukan 'loaf' as such but I do use my oatbran allowance in the little microwave bread that I can slice into two and then I toast it...I'm useless at galettes so that's what my oatbran goes in and I 'butter' it with natural yoghurt. If there was a way to make it without an egg in I'd definitely want to give that a go as I find I'm eating a lot of eggs. If you discover a way please do share it Pudding! x

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