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Bad day


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Aaarrgghhhh! :eek: Ever have one of those days when everything goes wrong??????
Well I'm having one today. It started with the kettle not working, then my mop broke, then some idiot reversed into the side of my brand new car while I was picking up a parcel from the sorting office and then to top it all I made a gorgeous pancake mixture (the sweet potato one in the recipe section) and fried them in salad light accidently! :rolleyes:
I wondered why they smelt so strange while they were cooking!
Luckily I had a bit of mixture left so made a couple more and they were gorgeous but honestly...what a wally!!
Then to top it all the idiot that hit me called just now to say that actually it was my fault he hit me because I was parked on double yellow lines. Rubbish..I wasn't but it's his word against mine. I'm so worried now.
Wish I'd never got out of bed this morning :cry:

(Sorry for the moan...just needed to vent my frustrations somewhere)!
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Wherever you were parked, you were stationary, he was driving. So it's his fault, he is just trying it on!! Ignore him! The rest, well, like you say, bad day. It happens. Nothing worse than getting up in the moring to find the kettle has bust! I seem to really get through them. Think it's because I buy the cheap ones!!


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Just think Hun...you are almost half way through the day. The numpty that hit you is definitely at fault, so dont worry over that one, he has obviously been given advice from another numpty about claiming on insurance!



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Thanks all x

It's all coming together now and I'm feeling better after some paracetamol to clear my stress headache! My insurance company who have been brilliant have assured me that even if I was parked on yellow lines which I wasn't, then he would definitely still be at fault. They also said that when these things are investigated they use satellite images of the area at the particular time so it wont just be my word against his as road lines are all visible on the images. I feel loads better!
My courtesy car has been delivered and someone is picking up my wounded car in a couple of hours so that it can be repaired. I've only had the poor thing for 2 weeks.
I've had to wait in for most of the day and have made the most of it by chilling out which has made a nice change!

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