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Bad girl!

:patback: don't be so hard on yourself, yummy! call it your add-a-biccy week and move on :) you're doing great and your losses are awesome. we all deserve a little slack sometimes.
No biccies in the house should do it
or buy biccies you hate instead

you know it makes sense!!!
Thanks guys. Trouble is I have 4 kids in the house - but maybe they could survive without biscuits for a while!! But really - I would like to be able to resist - the eating is never as good as the wanting.


taking it 1 day at a time
Get rid of the biscuit tin! Don't think my kids realise there is such a thing, i buy 7 packs of biscuits a year, one on each persons birthday. Kids see them as birthday treats or something they get at grandmas. What's the saying, a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. Walk away from the tin!


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Try the Paul McKenna visualisation trick of mixing the biccies with something you really hate to eat, it may help to put you off............
Tell the kids to hide the tin? Put it somewhere you can't reach.....
Just tell yourself you really don't need them.

And stop beating yourself up, we are all human and all have weaknesses that we have to constantly battle. You are doing superbly, don't do yourself down!
Bren xx
wonder if they would stil eat biccies mixed with chopped raw liver?

Oh right, you were meant to VISUALISE the nasty stuff mixed with the biccies
What about visualising the biscuits riddled with maggots?!
Jessie, that would certainly do it for me
Niiiiice. Think of the extra protein you'd get tho...
its the witchiti grub thing from the telly all over again

of course if they were macaroons, how would you tell which were maggots & which coconut
LOL. Have to agree though, just stop buying the biscuits. Won't hurt the kids to eat fruit or something for a wee while, and it's not going to be forever.

Or buy biscuits of the penguin-y type but only the ones that come as a pack of 5. That way you can't eat one, as there wouldn't be one each left for the kids and being a good mum you couldn't deprive one of your kids of a biscuit when all the others were getting one, right? ;)

Oh hang on though. Flaw, Cos if you did eat one you'd then have to eat all of them so the kids didn't know there was one missing....... bugger, back to the drawing board........:D

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