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Bad value, good value, favourite free food

Hi Everyone

I was thinking today about things that you may have tried that just wasnt worth the syns, in other words it was bad value for the syns (just like you'd say bad value for money) or something where you really dont get very much of the food for the syn value.

Here are mine:

Bad value: sultanas (28g for 4 syns)
Good value: 2 alpen light bars (6syns or HB)
Favourite free: strawberries :)

Add yours so we can share our findings !
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what an interesting thread!!

Bad value: special K (any variety that's not sustain) - 5 syns for 28g!!!! sometimes I really don't understand how is special K with red berries equally as bad as frostie or coco pops?

Good value: 2 alpen light bars (6syns or HB) <-- can't agree more on this one

Favourite free: mixed berries with fat free yogurt
Oh I know what you mean Dreamaholic, for me a serving of cereal should be 100g ! Although I do manage with 28g of porridge if I can bulk it out with berries, grated apple and yog to make a proper bowl full :)
Great thread

Poor Value - WW frozen cheesecake - 9.5syns each
Good Value - 6 Dairylea extra light triangles as HEB
Free - blueberries and strawberries
oh let me think......

poor value - 50g salted peanuts = 15 syns its less than 2 handfuls so stay away from them at a party!
good value - 28g chorizo = 2.5 syns it goes a long way and tastes soooo good with a tomato pasta on EE
free - strawberries and rasperries with FF fromage frias


Big, busty and Blowsy!
Poor value=chocolate!
Good value=198g new potatoes (hex b) on a red day!
Fav free= sw fry up!!!
Poor value: Crisps (who can stop at one measly bag???)
Good value: Ryvita (4 for heb)
Fave free food: Homemade lentil soup (free on green)
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BAD- cereal, you never get enough:(
GOOD- alpen light bars:)
Bad value - I don't think anything is bad value. I guess my least favourite use of syns is things like dried fruit, especially dried apricots which I love!

Good value - 4 ryvita or a co-op pitta. A winner every time!

Free food - It's got to be SW chips :)
bad value - wine (rose was my drink of choice, not now I know its 9 syns per large glass!)
good value - mini milks (1.5 syns)
fave free food - there are loads but i particularly love that on EE bacon, eggs and beans with veg is a totally free breakfast :)
Poor value: Crisps (who can stop at one measly bag???)
Good value: Ryvita (4 for heb)
Fave free food: Homemade lentil soup (free on green)
I miss crisps. Is there any variety that's relatively less syn-ful? Like sunbites? (they are wholegrain?) I would have thought they are ok and healthier than some other varieties, but I just checked and it's 6 syns!!! Sometimes I really don't understand this syn system.
bad value - frijj milkshake (avrge 18 syns each) 2% fat my ar*e
good value - nimble white 2 slices for a hexb ( actually tastes like real white bread)
fave free - steak with peppercorn sauce :p
Great thread! And loadsa great ideas :)

Here's a couple from me, the things I crave most :)

Bad value - Pear cider at 12 syns a bottle or wine at 6 syns per 175ml
Good value - Vodka with sugarfree lime & lemonade - Only 2.5 syns a glass and so refreshing!
Free - none unfortunately

Bad value - Most chocolate bars and cakes!
Good value - Tesco Light Choices, Chocolate Mousse @ only 4 syns (Or the skinny cow lollies @ 4.5 and mini milks @ 1.5 as already mentioned)
Free - Shape Zero Yoghurts

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