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Bank Holidays- warning this is a rant!


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Well as some of you may know already every other sunday is 'race' day. My BF and our pals are banger race drivers. I love going to watch and get involved in the banter however, it has become a tradition that we have a gathering each bank holiday. We take it in turns to stop at each others houses and eat and drink!

Being on plan I find this event really stressful. I enjoy the socialising bit but find it so difficult to refuse takeaway and keep motivated not to go off track.

I am making a turkey stir fry and boiled rice to take with me tomoro night but I just know I will pick off someone else plate or just try something as they say 'it won't do any harm!".

I really am starting to dread bank holidays coz I feel less in control. But I don't want to be a party pooper all the same!

Rant over! :(
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What I do when offered something I really want but know I shouldn't have is just say no thank you like I really mean it & just pretend to myself I don't actually want what's being offered, ok it doesn't always work but worth a try.

And with your attitude at the moment I'm sure you won't do to bad. Have a lovely weekend:)
im the same i cant say no so i have it and get back on plan the next day. ive been on holidays last week and was off plan 100%. the day we got back i went shopping and started back on plan and lost 2 and 1/2 lbs so i guess what im saying is have a little, enjoy it and dont beat yourself up about it. get back to plan afterwards its not everyday it once in a while and we all deserve a break once in a while.


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There are 3 things you can do:- Be tough on yourself and just say NO, save some syns up for that very occasion and enjoy the naughty stuff but stay in control, or just go with it, enjoy it and worry about it afterwards!! I think I'd have to go with the middle one, because I don't believe in depriving myself if I really want something, and I'd be more likely to enjoy it knowing that I can afford it and not have the guilt and feelings of panic afterwards!! XXXXX
If it is olny a little try - say a piece of chicken from the dish, then yep I would try but stick to my own dinner. That way, I have tried it & it usually curbs my desire. If i said no I would be really badly wanting to try some!

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