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bargain hot chocolate :)

Just thought I would let you know about the hot chocolate BARGAIN i got at the weekend.

It was 30 sachets of coconut options hot chocolate for ..... (drumroll please).... the princely sum of 99p!! Thats right a whole BOX of options hot choc for under a quid!

it was in B&M stores so obv perhaps not as widely available as supermarkets but theres still quite a few stores and hopefully one near you!

It was just coconut that was 99p and the best before date is next month but hey its hot chocolate its not like its highly perishable i am sure it will be fine for a while! Other flavours were available for 10p a sachet which is still a good saving!

oh and ps could someone check the syns on the coconut one for me? I know options are usually 2 syns each but just checking!


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Dude I didn't even know they made a coconut one! It's not listed on their website so must be a deleted product which is why they're being sold off.

I guess if it's under 45 cals it's gonna be around the 2 syn mark, it's not on the SW webby tho, just checked. :(
Yeh must be old stock but for much cheapness thats fine by me!! :)

its 33 calories which seems to be fewer than most flavours so maybe even a syn and a half!? who knows!

quite tasty mints still my fave tho!

also got me some smokey bacon low fat supernoodles which I have heard of but never seen in my supermarkets even tho they have all the other flavours!

B&M = magical source of discontinued products!

cheers for checking luv!

Glad you enjoyed ur weekend and managed to avoid all the synful booze and pies lol!

defo deserve a crown for that one! i was no such queen i had booze, chinese and cheesecake this weekend lol!

Thanks for this I'll check my local B&M. I've not been in for a while, they are really good for stuff like that. They sometimes have alpen lights for about a pound. I've run out of hot choc, I'd kill for one right now!

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