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Bargain scales- to weigh or not to weigh, that is the question..


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Hi peeps,

I went to Asda earlier and spotted some all singing all dancing Salter bathroom scales half price at £10 reduced from £20 and promptly bought them!

Since starting SW in October '09 I have been adament that I'm not going to own a set of scales until I reach target, in fear of becoming a scale hopper- I know what I'll be like, on off on off on off and totally doing my own head in!! I have always been more inclined to have a surprise at each WI on Monday evenings!

But now I actually own a set of scales (albeit still in their box- I only bought them because they were such a bargain!) I am in 2 minds- do I open them and use them now, or do I wait until I've lost my last stone and rip them open when that time comes?
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Hi Hun
I bought some home scales last year when I also reached target. I have to admit I was hopping on and off all the time. Morning, night and even before & after going to the loo to see what difference it made lol!
YOur best bet would be to keep the scales in the packaging, can you not put them in the boot of your car or your partner's car so the temptation is not there to open them until you are ready. xxx
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Even before I got to target I weighed myself regularly 2/3 times a week. It gave me an idea of how things were going and I could compare from week to week. It never put me off and speaking personally I hated the 'surprise' at WI if I hadn't been weighing myself, I found it stressful not to have an idea.
Since being at target for nearly a year I weigh myself every day.


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I dont understand the whole scale hopping thing, I guess it's because the numbers don't actually bother me, I know if I'm losing/gaining weight by how my clothes fit, so just weigh once a week at weigh in, I don't actually own scales and since moving out of home 8 years ago I haven't, very very occasionally I would hop on my nans scales, I think this time round I may not bother finding out my weight


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I broke my scales two years ago which is why I am in this situation. Going on them occasionally helped remind me that the second piece of cake was a bad idea :p

I gave up smoking 1 1/2 years ago and have put on over 3st and I really think this would have been a lot less if I had used my scales.

Going to weigh in each week and staying for group helps me really think about what I'm eating but I think I might get some scales to use mid week as I think I need a boost then to keep me going.

Thanks for the Sainsburys tip, think I'll make a trip there this week :D
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I ordered a pair of electronic WW scales last Wednesday from one of my catalogues as they were half price. That was the day before i deceided to go to a SW meeting. They have been sat in my office for a few days as they arrived on Monday - looking all lovely in their untouched packaging! I was going to send them back but gave in to temptation last night. Hubby said you may as well see how you are getting on ( Personally i think its cos he wants to see how his slimfast a day rather than a fry up diet is going). He suggested that when i have my 1st weigh in this Thursday i will be able to see what the difference between the club scales and ours is ... after that i am only allowed to weigh myself on a monday as he is going to take the battery out an hide it as i have a bit of a habit of becoming obsessed!

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