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Restart 3/9/2013
I got bars today :) decided to give em a try, as struggle to force down shakes/mousses in the evening (and always end up leaving at least 2 shakes to have in an evening!).

So right now I am working my way through a delicious chocolate orange CD bar...and my god its hard work!!!!! Its taking me FOREVER to finish it!!! I have about an inch left and I am STUFFED! lol.

Got me one of each flavour bar to try this week :)
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the cranberry bars are fabulous - so sweet...

i've only got the cranberry bars this week cos i love them
I didnt know they had chocolate orange! I love chocolate orange, i was going to stay away from the CD bars but i might give them ago now, lol. xx


Restart 3/9/2013
beware Maybe Baby - they smell orangier than they taste :D They are yummy but dont taste so orangey
beware Maybe Baby - they smell orangier than they taste :D They are yummy but dont taste so orangey
Is it anything like the choc orange shake cuz that is disgusting :jelous:. Was so dissapointed with that.

I'm dreaming of orange flavoured skittles now, mmm, i love 'em, oooo and orange smarties and orange starburst, yummy yummy xx


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I tried the chocolate one today for the first time and loved that! I have some orange I haven't tried them yet, I will tomorrow. With a bit of imagination could it pass as a Terry Chocolate orange?


Restart 3/9/2013
Lol it would need quite alot of imagination :)

they smell like Fry's Orange Creams
My CDC will only let me have 1 bar every 2 days incase it slows my weight loss - has anyone found this to be the case??


Restart 3/9/2013
No I was just told one a day
and you still having good losses....hmmmm....I will have my 1 every other day next week then (cos thats all i have ordered now) and then see as I miss chewing! it will be nice to have them cut up into pieces to snack on at night.....are they a decent size?
doh, just re-read your post and its the first time you've had the bars so you wouldnt have seen any weight fluctuation - sorry! I should read things better!
I start Week 3 tomorrow and I can not wait to have a bar soon. I am 100% commited to this diet but I need something different. I have heard they do not suit some people, probably me (!!), so I will see how I go and have 1 every so often.


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love the bars, prob couldn't do this diet without them!
i live the caramel and toffe flavours.
i put mine in the freezer, they dont freeze, but go really hard and chewy so takes even longer to eat, i cut them into smallish peices and have them in the evening while i'm watching telly - delish! x
When i last did CD, i used to break my CD bars into 3 pieces, a large peice and 2 small pieces to snack on. I guess you could cut them into several pieces and snack on them throughout the day. They are so convienent (sp?) if you have to travel alot! Happy chewing :) xx
When i get them i try and have half a nite, and half a tetra/shake/etc. Peoples carb tolerance r different, which is why SOME people find the bars can effect weight loss. But the cranberry and peanut have the same carbs as packs, so there ok, the other bars r a bit higher in carbs. But they can be a real life saver if ure fond of the odd sweet treat!! lol i like my peanut/cranberry in the microwave slightly melting! x x x
I always used to make sure i had a CD bar when i was invited to the cinema. That way i could have a nice treat whilst watching the film without wanting or being tempted by popcorn and nachos. I would have my bottle of water on hand too, lol. xx


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for the cinema last time i froze a choc tetra and then sliced around the top with a kitchen knife without removing the bit i sliced and then wrapped it in cling film. the when i got in the cinema i just unwrapped it. peeled off the top bit i sliced off and sat there eating ice cream in the cinema. it was lovely :D

abz xx
ive been having the bars since week 2 still good losses but im fed up with them now i think if you have one now and again you will appreiate it but not every day as greedy me did


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Bish Bosh you are right, they taste nothing like Terrys Choc Orange, but they are nice anyway. Prefer the chocolate one.

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