BB Says -Hi Guys, My WI results and AAM


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Just a bit of news I lost another 5lbs this week taking me to 2 stone in 5 weeks I am very very happy.
Also my trousers for work are almost falling down woohoo I will take some pics.
Also I had my first meal on aam just a minute ago it was lovely but I now feel really naughty like I have failed the diet.
I had a very small turkey breast 3 half aspargus spears and one small mushroom.
I am truly stuffed heres a pic
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Hi Bellybee

Well done on the loss this week, your doing so well.
I'm really glad that you posted the picture of your meal, I love doing AAM weeks but I always think to myself that I am cooking too much food. I never know whether to weigh before it is cooked or after!!! I always play it safe and weigh it before. I'm counting down the days to my next AAM week which starts on Saturday. Your right though it does feel naughty!!!!

Jazzy x
WELL DONE on the 5lb bb It's really great when the clothes start getting loose, makes such a lovely change from having to squeeze into everything :cool:

Just love AAM weeks and 'cos I know it's 'legal' I never ever feel guilty. Figure it's a crucial part of the journey as it teaches us control and reinforces that we really don't need the enormous portions we were eating before