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bbc article on CD!

Thanks for the link..but how depressing, they discuss one thing i have been worried about for a while .. a permanent reduction in my metabolic rate. If that IS the case..the thing about weight going straight back on is correct



Of course you'll have a reduction in your metabolic rate as your requirements have changed, you dont need as much to keep going so your metabolism will be automatically lowered.
But for life? I would rather not have a slow metabolism once ive finished the diet, in fact..quite the opposite!

Deepak x


Cambridge Consultant
Ditto Lexie! :D

I'm Lyndsay's consultant and I was gutted when I saw that today. However, I know how she's done, so all I'll say is watch each night and hopefully you'll see something more positive by the end of the week.

Its on Reporting Scotland each night, somewhere between 6.40pm and 6.50pm. I think her final filming is taking place tomorrow to be shown on Friday so it will be right up to date.

For those outwith Scotland, this will be showing on Freesat Channel 960, Sky Channel 971, Virgin Channel 862 and Talk Talk TV on Channel 956.

However, this wasn't meant to be a comparison of diets, its a warts n all look at the struggles of losing weight. I'm sure you'll see struggles ;-)


say you needed 2000 calories to maintain your pre diet weight
then you lose 4 stone
Your calorie requirement drops to 1500 to maintain your new weight, and will always remain at 1500 to remain at that new weight.

If you go up to 2000 calories again you will gain weight because that's above the level of calories needed to maintain your new weight.


Cambridge Consultant
Fatboy, thats why you are worked back up the plans. To stabilize your metabolism again. Your new metabolism will be slower that the one you had at your old weight, because of course your body won't need to work as hard (burn as much energy) as it did to sustain your body at the higher weight.
Ok..i understand now, there goes my maintenance plan of building muscle and losing fat then!

Deepak x


But as you add muscle your metabolism raises, so as maintenance plans go its a sound one.
Awesome! I can't believe i ever doubted this diet.

Thanks for reassuring me ladies.

Deepak x


Silver Member
Just to add, I've not touched a CD shake for just under a year. I've maintained my weight within 2lb since. I worked the plans, but I'm no longer on any cd plan and havent't been for a long time!
I just eat three meals a day, snacks if I want to, and the odd day off. as long as you're sensible, then it's physically impossible to put the weight back on!!
I hate these articles because not many people report the good, only the bad!
zobo! so nice to hear your words!! not gonna read the article as am struggling enough as it is without a new downer!


Cambridge Consultant
They're not slating Cambridge at all. The prof was talking about dieting in general. This isn't a programme comparing Cambridge with Weight Watchers, the jist of it is to compare the struggles of losing weight.

The articles online are a synopsis of whats being shown over the course of a week.
But for life? I would rather not have a slow metabolism once ive finished the diet, in fact..quite the opposite!

Deepak x
it's not a slower metabolism but your body doesn't need the amount of calories it needed when we were bigger.

metabolism stays similar but our intake reduces.

e.g - whereas you might have needed 2000 cals to maintain when you were 17st now you've lost 7st say you will need fewer calories to maintain e.g 1500 cals.

you can increase your metabolism by doing exercise which is load bearing and muscle building which increases your muscle to body mass ration and muscle burns fat faster and increases your metabolism.

also if you interval train your metabolism is raised for longer than if you do sustained exercise over a longer period of time. so e.g running for 10 mins could give you an hours worth of fat burn time whereas running and walking for 10 mins could give you 4 hours of burn time. mix this with weights and you could have 10 hours of burn time. this is good for when you can't work out every day.
p.s didn't finish ready others posts so is basically saying the same as the others :p
Thanks great things! Thats very helpful!

Deepak x
thanks. i've watched all 3 now. very interesting that the ww woman lost, put on, lost etc she know's exactly what happened to cause it. with CD you are more motivated to stick to it and it's good to have a food break. some people think that an all or nothing approach is good.

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