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Beat the Bloat!!:)

My god, yesterday I was huuugely round in the belly and i was honestly starting to think-oh god what if i'd been preggers when i got the depo injection 3months ago!!
I woulda easily passed for 4 months preggers!! today is day 2 and the bloat is gone completely :)
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I thought it was just me, i have two bellys always have as my waist is so much smaller it cut my belly in two, my top belly(stomach) has been so bloated ( i thought it wasn't working), i found it strange as when i diet normally it's that bit that drops first this time i seem to have a dimple each side of my top belly.........Yes i think i;m also a bit mad trying to explain this LOL!!
I have two mini boobs under my boobs :(
Hate them grrr!
LOL just trying to pic it!
Please don't :(haha
Suprisingly i feel fantastical! :)
My WI will only be after 5 days rather than a week so i wont get my hopes up for a big loss then i wont be let down!
To be honest i'm just sooo glad that awful preggy belly is gone!
youll fly through it dont worry, do you have a goal date in mind? im trying to get rid by june fingers tightly crossed...yay no preggy belly for quite a while now! :) x
I have two mini boobs under my boobs :(
Hate them grrr!
I wouldn't mind mini boobs, not under my other ones though..but i wish i could lose some of the weight off the ones i have(not so mini). my belly is like a homer simpson one( you know where you shake it and it keeps wobbling after Ha ha!!:ashamed0005:
Haha my belly isn't my biggest hang up, that'd be my always hidden bingo wings!
yeah the horrid things...The only silver lining in the cloud that was last summer..was no vest tops needed!! But i think there'll always be something...I see my sister..not a pick on her and she still finds certain things about her body she's not happy with!! sometimes i wonder does she just wanna make me feel better!! NO one is or is ever gonna be perfect and i can cope with a few little flaws once my main one isn't eating too much i should be ok!:)
we all sound soooo attractive LOL!!
We're lucky this isn't a dating site!!

Female, 22, saggy belly and bingo wings ;) waiting to hear from you raawr!
Oh the sun puts me in great form :D But yeah i know the feeling, least it's good for going walkin etc, wish i could say running but i'm just not made for it!!
Feel great today, really motivated, excited, full of energy :D whoop!

How're you gettin on?


I will be skinny again!!!
howd you get rid of it?? my belly is sooo bloated these days :(
Think it was just ending my junk food rampage and getting on LT!
Literally over night it vanished!

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