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Cruise PP Beating the constipation


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Sorry, I'm not terribly helpful on this subject as I never really experienced problems with it.

However, I believe that you're on Cruise now so the addition of veg should also help to get things moving. You can also add a little rhubarb - try stewing it with a bit of sweetener.

Hopefully, someone with more knowledge on the subject will come along to help soon.


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I've had wheatbran from day one and while it might help, I can't say I'm constipation free either!

However, Lil Mrs S - we all picked up in your menus that you weren't eating enough salad/veg on our PV days, so that won't help you. I try to drink a glass of ice cold water first thing... some say strong coffee does it for them first thing.

But veggies are really the key, I think... green ones!


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I am also having 'a little difficulty', shall we say. I added wheatbran to my burgers for tonight so hopefully that shall help
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Hello Lil Miss Sunshine.

Can I ask you a bit of a personal question? By constipation do you mean you are not going to the loo frequently (but when you do, the consistency is ok) or do you mean that when you are going you are straining?

If its the first one, this can be quite normal on these diets. Increase your water intake. And as Maintainer suggested cold water should help. Another thing you can do is lay on your back with your knees up (this pushes your organs up and are easier to feel) and massage around your belly button, above and below. Going from right to left. This can get things flowing again. The massage technique should be done with the pads of your fingers. You need to knead and roll. Either two hands at once like kneading bread or you can alternate hands, (if you kneading cat, copy its technique) but make sure to go from right to left.

If its the second one, the wheatbran will help but ONLY if you increase the fluid intake otherwise it can "bung you up" even more.
There are 2 types of fibre: 1. water soluble fibre like oatbran, wheatbran, etc and these need extra fluid to help the transit. 2. insoluble fibre, which you will find in vegetables. These cannot be digested and pass through you. Hence sweetcorn, although not allowered here, comes out whole. A good suggestion is making a smoothie up of broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, celery, spinach and kale with some water and then drinking it down in one go. Yes you might have a bit more veg than allowed in a day, but haemorrhoids are not a good route to go down! If you try this smoothie, make sure you put a peg on your nose!haha It doesn't taste good!


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