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beauty treats for all of us gorgeous people!

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hello everyone!

ok so i was thinking, yes its all great that we are trying to lose weight together and go us! however, surely there are a whole lot of other ways to benefit how we look and feel aside from diet and exercise. so im setting up this thread in a bid to help each other stay motivated by giving each other handy tips and ideas in how to beautify ourselves with and without money (mainly without). sometimes i personally get so obsessed with losing weight that i forget to enjoy the other features that i have. so here is a thread where i hope people will come on, talk about what they like to do or dont lik to do when it comes to beautifying themselves and how it makes them feel.

so anyway ill start.

i have decided to watch my skin and hair way more than i do. while i was never blessed with a speedy metabolism my skin and hair have always been two of my best features and i feel i need to show them off to the best of their ability. soooo i have decided to let my hair grow and as a treat for myself i purchased a full head of clip on human hair extensions for 40 euro! my graduation is in 7 and a half weeks and i feel ive been so obsessed with losing weight ive forgot about other ways to make me feel and look good.

secondly my skin has become really dry so in a bid to keep it more hydrated and refreshed i am going to start exfoliating and moisturising regularly. ive even looked up some recipes online for some good home facial masks. i have very sensitive skin so i need to be careful. has anyone here got any ideas?

happy beautifying. remember people, its not just about weightloss, its about looking and feeling great in everyway!

hugs n' kisses to all

x :D
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Hey think the thread is a really good idea losemenow and congrats on your graduation.

my tips are i use distilled witch hazel as a toner, its really good for spots and redness and is a lot cheaper than the clinique stuff i used to buy.

exfoliating wise i bought a brush from boots that has bristles and knobbly bits and i try to body brush twice a day to get rid of dead skin and cellulite and then have a quick cold shower,after that i put on Vaseline coco butter gel cause it smells lovely and locks in moisture.
S: 15st2.5lb C: 14st7.5lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 0st9lb(4.24%)
hi icklemissmosh, thanks! im glad you like my idea. i just feel that we all put so much emphasis on food and diet that we forget about all the other ways to make ourselves look and feel better! i find the body brushing really good too! although ive been quite bad recently, my skin has been neglected. the coco butter is fab, there is also this new coco butter gloss by palmers which isnt as good as the vaseline for locking in moisture, however if fake tan isnt your forte, it gives this great gloss affect on the skin and especially after applying a good moisturiser after exfoliating it makes your skin look so health. i have a lot of excess weight around my midriff, its where i carry it the most and i find really massaging the moisturiser into the skin every day helps to make it firmer. its hard because sometimes you would be in a rush and just have to go but if we could all allocate 5 min in the shower for exfoliating and 5 min after for moisturising we would all benefit. my beautician told me that firming creams arent worth the money because its how you put the cream on. she says if you grab your skin, like literally massage it in really deep, then the tissue will firm up. having said that i swear by garnier firming lotion but that could just be habit.

weightloss is important but its only one aspect of appearance. i really mind my skin and hair and like honestly it baffles me how people forget about it. your skin you have forever so you have to take care of it. also as you lose weight you need to mind it in an attempt to minimise the damage done!

so rant over, im waiting for my clip ins and i cant wait to experiment. im going shopping for my dress halloween weekend in dublin, and i have a new gym plan. so 6 weeks to go. im excited and very determined to look my best.

im also looking up some recipes for some homemade body scrubs as they can be expensive. im thinking of making a sea salt and olive oil scrubas both are brilliant for the skin.

heres a good link, im gonna make it at the weekend and ill let you all know how its goes. :D

How to Make an Olive Oil Scrub | eHow.com

also for those of you that wax, i suffer really badly from ingrown hairs and i bought a pair of exfoliating gloves (like 3 euro for a pair, very cheap) and way i find them great for getting at the back of my legs and those other hard to reach areas.... anyway i swear by them and if you exfoliate even with just a shower gel over the areas you wax, not only will you be even more sily smooth, but you defo minimise the ingrown hairs. i think its a great habit to develop.

the witch hazel sounds great icklemissmosh. what way do you buy it? ive heard from various sources that its very good. i have extremely sensitive skin, especially around my face, so i use an organic carrot scrub sometimes, and then just a good simple e45 moisturiser. i know i sound like i must spend a fortune but i really dont. a tub of e45 is not very expensive and is sooooo good. also if anyone like me suffers from sensitive and dry skin especially on the face EUCERIN is brilliant. like brilliant.
S: 20st6lb C: 19st9lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 0st11lb(3.85%)
i get it in a big bottle from boots,the distilled stuff that you would have for cuts and bruises. its in the pharmacy isle.

I've tried those gloves your talking about and they are great.

another thing i do that a lot of people forget about in winter is soak my feet its really relaxing, i do it about once a week i just use hot water and a bit of lush bath bomb crunched up, i got loads at xmas from my friends but we got rid of the bath and just have a shower cubicle now so am using them up.

Shoes and smellys are my vices, if i cant find something new to wear i usually treat myself to something girly to pamper myself so i understand where you're coming from

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