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  1. Becktoria79

    Becktoria79 Gold Member

    Day 1 going pretty well so far, this is what Monday looks like:

    B- porridge made with skimmed milk topped with plums, raspberries, blueberries and low fat natural yogurt.

    L- carrot, butterbean and tarragon soup with a ww petit pain

    T- chicken bhuna with brown rice.
    Baked apple with blueberries and low fat fromage frais - I'm going to put some vanilla essence into the fromage frais to sweeten it up some

    Snacks have been a banana and slice of pineapple.

    I'm still debating to go to my weigh in, not because I'm scared of having gained but because the wind here is terrifying and I don't drive! Xx
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  3. Mets

    Mets Gold Member

    Your food sounds scrummy! :) I'd go to WI cos then you know where you stand for your new week xx
  4. Nomes

    Nomes Gold Member

    Def go!!! A good start as well xx
  5. Becktoria79

    Becktoria79 Gold Member

    Well I faced the wind and the music... 1 and 1/2 on which isn't bad considering that I was out twice at weekend and ate chocolate biscuits and cake like it was going out of fashion on Thursday and Friday!

    I told my leader I was doing simply filling because I needed something that was a bit more restrictive to keep me away from chocolate and sweet things. Anyhow she said in week 47 there are some big changes being introduced that'll be right up my street. I've read the thread about changes and I'm very intrigued. It's week 43 now so I guess in 4 weeks we'll know.

    Right off to make my tea! Enjoy yours ladies! Xx
  6. Nomes

    Nomes Gold Member

    Apparently there will be a booklet handed out that will go through all the changes. X

    That's not bad result- you'll get that off by next week x
  7. Mets

    Mets Gold Member

    Well done for going :) an considering you ate all that yummy food, it's a good result! You'll defo get that off quickly ;-)

    I'll look forward to seeing these changes. I don't go to meetings or anything anymore though, so I'll rely on this forum to tell me about them! xx
  8. Rednicola

    Rednicola Silver Member

    I help out at ww so as soon as I get anything I'll pass the info on to you guys xxx
  9. Becktoria79

    Becktoria79 Gold Member

    Thanks Red!
    Right my plan for today

    B- poached eggs on crumpets (never had this before so we'll see how it works out!)

    L- got me mam visiting so eating out but making sure we go where I can have jacket potato, beans and salad (strict orders for no butter)?

    T- steak and straw fries and steamed veg
    Fruit and total 0%

    Snacks will be fruit if needed

  10. Mets

    Mets Gold Member

    What are straw fries??? xx
  11. Becktoria79

    Becktoria79 Gold Member

    Hi mets I got this from the latest ww mag. They're basically potatoes cut into really thin chips! They're lovely! I cut them, boil them for a couple of minutes and then pop on a baking tray and cover in spray oil. Take bout 25 mins. Boyfriend loves them! X
  12. Mets

    Mets Gold Member

    Ooo they sound nice. I take it they go really crispy then? xx
  13. Becktoria79

    Becktoria79 Gold Member

    Yeah they're really nice and a bit crispier than the normal low fat chips I make in the same way! Xxx
  14. Mets

    Mets Gold Member

    Defo trying these :)
  15. starkissedx

    starkissedx Gold Member

    Ohh they sound yummy :) making my own oven made chips on fri night! X
  16. Becktoria79

    Becktoria79 Gold Member

    Deffo try them ladies and let me know if you like em!

    My diary for today- day 3

    B- 1 crumpet and low fat spread (1pp)
    Porridge made with skimmed mill topped with plums, raspberries, blueberries and natural yogurt

    L- roasted pepper and tomato pasta salad

    T- salmon baked with ginger, coriander and lime, new potatoes and steamed veg
    Quark with strawberries

    S- frozen grapes and banana.

    48pp left til Monday!

  17. Mets

    Mets Gold Member

    Your menu sounds lush :) xx
  18. Becktoria79

    Becktoria79 Gold Member

    Thanks mets! I had to think of something good for lunch as my dad was visiting and he's a chef and usually he takes us out to eat so I got in there first.

    I have to make my menus interesting or else I'll be tempted by the chocolate me mam bought me! Haha!

    Had to add some Mayo to my tea so have only 47 pp left now. Xx
  19. Becktoria79

    Becktoria79 Gold Member

    Day 4 (already!)

    B- porridge made with skimmed milk topped with blueberries and plums and natural yogurt.

    L- leek, bacon and potato omelette

    T- pork meatballs with homemade pasta sauce and wholewheat spaghetti

    S- fruit!

    I'm looking forward to today's food! X
  20. Nomes

    Nomes Gold Member

    I like you tea- can I come round?! ;)
  21. Becktoria79

    Becktoria79 Gold Member

    Anytime nomes! Haha! Xx

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