Becoming a slinky bride (even if it means no wedding cake!)

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  1. beautifulbride2013

    beautifulbride2013 Full Member

    So I have 4 stone to lose and I need to lose at least a dress size by January as I have my first fitting for my dress at the end of it. Found the most gorgeous dress, costs a bloody fortune so I am determined to look as good as I can in it.

    I did Cambridge 3 years ago and lost 2 stone, then regained it back and an extra 2 stone from medication (just my luck!) have tried so many diets since then only managing to lose a stone without much ease only to regain it quicker then I lost it.

    After finding my dress I downloaded the atkins book onto my kindle and started reading. I'm not going to lie, I was a little unsure after years of doing every thing low fat, I just couldn't get used to eating bacon and cream cheese.

    So now that my first week is done I can report:

    > an 8lb loss!!!! Week one
    > no sugar cravings no carb cravings and no "withdrawal" symptoms
    > bags of energy
    > better sleep
    > waking up early and not feeling tired all day
    > not hungry (a definite bonus, I was starving on Cambridge)
    > no mood swings and not snappy with the hubby to be
    > normally I go through about 12 feminax tablets during my monthly, I used a grand total of 2 last week, and that's only because I was having lazer hair removal done, so next to no PMS
    > and most importantly it has made me a much happier, calmer, enthusiastic person.

    Needless to say I LOVE THIS DIET! Why didn't I start it years ago?

    Roll on week two

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  3. stubbsey

    stubbsey Silver Member

    hello welcome and well done on your excellent choice! it is a great diet, and you have a lovely reason to want to lose the weight.

    i am having the laser hair removal done too, i find as i am quite fair it doesn't hurt me, the darker your hair the more it hurts which is strange.

    good luck with the diet x
  4. beautifulbride2013

    beautifulbride2013 Full Member

    Thanks stubbsey! Hope your getting on ok too xx
  5. jerricebenton

    jerricebenton Silver Member

    Hi & welcome! I am new here too, I started low carb about 2 weeks ago. You sound ike you have made an amazing start!
  6. beautifulbride2013

    beautifulbride2013 Full Member

    Thanks jerrice, how are you getting on?

    We had our cake tasting last night :S 12 cupcakes divided into quarters, all assorted flavours like champagne and English toffee. Managed I have a nibble of each and give the rest of my 1/4 to the other half. Hopefully it didn't do any damage. X
  7. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    Hi BB and welcome :)

    Such a great first week, you're doing brilliantly - and wedding cake tasting just needs to be accommodated, it's a pretty special moment :)
  8. beautifulbride2013

    beautifulbride2013 Full Member

    Aw thanks ladyfelsham! I feel really good on this diet, really enjoying it. It's a shame there is such a stigma attached though, I went to see someone who pretty much put me on this plan and I've had to tell work a nutritionalist put me on a low carb no sugar plan just so I don't get loads of grief about "crash dieting" even when it's not.

    Have you been on atkins long? Xx
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  9. beautifulbride2013

    beautifulbride2013 Full Member

    Oooohhhhh dear! Today was just going to be one of those days!

    I woke up very very late, managed to ram down 2 bits of bacon cooked last night before racing out of the house. No lunch. Dinner not prepared ready for tonight either. I've had to give in and have an emergency atkins bar. I know they are not allowed on induction but it was the only thing I could find in boots, everything else had either bread, fruit or was chocolate snack based! Luckily I wasn't overly impressed with it, didn't taste good, but should see me trough the day until 8pm (long shift, NOT a good day to wake up late and have no breakfast and no lunch)

    Hope it doesn't set me back :( I have weigh in next Monday so will have to be extra extra careful. Steak and courgette ribbons tonight with a bit of butter instead of my slow cooker beef stew, not a bad substitute if i do say so myself.
  10. moonlights

    moonlights Gold Member

    One as an emergency option is nothing to worry about at all - its when people have them daily or a few times a week that they start to see problems. Mini cheeses are pretty good for emergency snacks, too. I think boots do mini babybel usually. Marks and sparks are brilliant for low carb snacks - prawns, salmon, chicken etc.
  11. beautifulbride2013

    beautifulbride2013 Full Member

    That's good to know moonlights, I was a little worried about it as I had such a good loss last week thought it might stall me.

    I don't like mini cheeses unfortunately otherwise they would have been perfect. I get calamari from M&S and have it with salad, it's yum yum yummy. I love your diary btw its so helpful. X
  12. beautifulbride2013

    beautifulbride2013 Full Member

    Father daughter day in London today! Looking forward to it, just need to navigate the minefield that is the eating situation for lunch and dinner. Hopefully he is taking me somewhere its easy to order carb free! I'm sure ill be fine though. Really wish I had my emergency snacks to take with me though, expecting a smaller loss this week so have to be extra good.

    Met with the videographer last night. Is it true that the camera adds 10lbs? There is no hiding from him and his HD camera! It terrified me into wanting to lose weight, great motivation lol

  13. moonlights

    moonlights Gold Member

    Loads of good places to eat in London - if in doubt grab a steak with salad!
  14. beautifulbride2013

    beautifulbride2013 Full Member

    Hhmmm pizza express after the aquarium. Chicken salad without the bread sticks ok? No dressing and I add my own oil? X
  15. moonlights

    moonlights Gold Member

    Very hard to say really - should be ok but if you're on the south bank there are loads of better meatier alternatives! Just walk along toward the national theatre, just past the London eye - loads of places for steak, you can get a fry up or a roast chicken in canteen round on the Waterloo side of the south bank centre, there's giraffe (which I think does pizza too if your dad is gasping for one) no reason to go to a pizza place!
  16. beautifulbride2013

    beautifulbride2013 Full Member

    Well I didn't have to worry about what to order, was so busy all day the only thing I've had is a peppermint tea at 10 this morning. Blommin starving!
  17. beautifulbride2013

    beautifulbride2013 Full Member

    Mmmmmmm chocolate bark. Was pleasantly surprised, although a little rich for my liking. Tonight's dinner was steak, spinach, mushrooms, lots of butter and some soft cheese. Chocolate bark for pudding.
  18. moonlights

    moonlights Gold Member

    It really is surprisingly good, isn't it. Really gives a chocolate hit but so rich you only need a little.
  19. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Morning hun :) well done on ur loss so far and ur success with atkins.

    I'm also needing to lose weight for my wedding next year. Wen I was a size 22 I went and bought a size 12 dress determined to fit into it and stay fitted in it! I'm a size 12/14 now but my boobs are still too big for the dress lol so hoping Atkins will sort that out!!

    Good luck with your Atkins journey xxx

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  20. beautifulbride2013

    beautifulbride2013 Full Member

    Hi Stef! You've done amazingly well, that's not much left to lose at all. When is your wedding? What's your dress like? Xx
  21. beautifulbride2013

    beautifulbride2013 Full Member

    B: two pieces of bacon and two eggs scrambled L: tuna in oil with a small salad
    D: Home made Angus steak beef burger topped with a bit of mozzarella and wrapped in lettuce with 5 olives for dinner. Followed by a bit of chocolate bark.

    Lots of water and a cheeky coke zero ;)

    Who said dieting can't be fun?

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