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Becoming Twiggy ;) WI result YAY


Is in the Zone
Hi all

Well as I've said in a previous post, I have just done 12 days of the Cambridge diet and lost 12 lbs (yay me). My last days sole sourcing was yesterday

Today I have started counting WW points, and hope to join a class on Tuesday.

So far today I have had a CD Treta shake, 2 points and a banana - 2 points?

Hmm haven't done WW for so long I've forgotten how many points a banana is! lol

I'm going to spend all lunch (well apart from eating my WW Lasagne that is) re-briefing myself with the points and planning some dinners.

I think doing CD has been soooo good for me ... I've finally realised that feeling hungry doesn't kill you ... who knew! And the thought that even though I'm hungry, I can actually eat in a few hours is amazing lol

Hopefully I'll find WW a breeze and lost this damn weight once and for all!!

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Hi Twiggy ... love the name by the way!

I did CD too and loved it! I loved the first weigh in as I lost 10lbs so I just hope I won't be disappointed when I have a ww weigh in as I know its gonna be much less than that!
I go to my first meeting tonight and get started tomorrow so it should be fun!



Is in the Zone
Hi Jools

I know what you mean! I loved the big Weight Losses I could have on CD - but jeez it was soul destroying!!

I'm happy with steady slower weight loss - more healthy and easier to stick to!

Good luck for tomorrow - let me know how you get on :)



Is in the Zone
Mmm just had the chilled WW Lasagne and the strawberry and vanilla mousse for lunch both were amazingly good :)

So my running total for today is 12 points - so 15 left for tonights ... seems a bit much to me!


Is in the Zone
hi all

Well I decided to bite the bullet and joined a WW Class tonight. I have put on 0.5lb in the day I haven't been doing CD - which isn't bad - I just hope it doesn't go up too much.

Just had my dinner - breaded plaice, mash and beans. And just about to try the Toffee Apple Crumble.

This will bring my total for the day to 25.5 so a saving of .5 :)

I'm already worried about next weeks weigh in - even thought i know that I won't cheat ... it's just the damage that CD may have done.

Oh well - all I can do is be 100%


Bye bye bellies!!!
You are doing really well love - keep it up. I did CD last August and I did keep off half of the weight loss for a few months. As those glycogen stores fill back up you may put a little back on but after a week or so you will start losing the ww way.

Good luck.



Is in the Zone
Day 2

Well still feeling 100% motivated and positive. Have just been offered a shortbread biscuit (one of my favs) and didnt even have to think twice ... If I've managed to ignore the chocolate biscuits sitting next to my desk since yesterday, I can say no to that!

The girls in my office are wondering how come the biscuits treats that we often have are lasting a lot longer than normal LOL

My WW leader said something yesterday that's confused me ... she said that I had to watch my Carb intake because of the CD diet - which is fine. But then she said that if my weight loss isn't good she'll check my diary, and if I'm having too many carbs she'll switch me to Core Plan .... well how does that make sense? On Core I can eat as much pasta, potoates, pasta, pulses, pasta (mmmm i LOVE pasta) as I like. Anyway - she can try and switch me - but I'm sticking to Points so there :p

Been trying to get onto the WW sight all morning (in between tons of work of course!) but it won't let me in and I want to plan my food for the next few days as I'm going shopping tonight ... bums!

Hope everyone else is having a good day too :)


Is in the Zone

Hi all

Does everyone use all their points? I'm trying to this time .. well all but 1 in case i mis count

Previously on WW I couldn't get it out of my head that if I had 26 points, then I'd better only eat 22 because I'm on a diet lol

Just worrying that I'm eating too much ..... sometimes I wonder if I'd be happy if I didn't have something to worry about lol

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