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Beegee's Green Day Diary


The Big One
Well, here I am almost a year into my SW journey and I'm finally getting round to putting a diary on here! I keep a paper diary every day but think it may be useful to get some comments or suggestions incase I'm in too much of a rut or missing anything obvious. For the last 3 weeks I've sts despite being on plan 100% and while this week is looking more positive, it's been a bit of a wake up call that I can't take losing for granted.

I'm an online member and only do green as I've been veggie for the past 25 years and I love it. SW really has become a way of life for me and I can't imagine going back right now.

BTW - if I look a bit light on syns, I tend to count them weekly as I think having a takeaway and a couple of drinks at the weekend keeps me sane and on track for the rest of the week. Old habits die hard!

Anyhoo, enough waffling. Here goes with today, it's been a good day - loads of fruit and veg as usual and no cravings:

B: 28g Branflakes (hexb), ff natural yogurt, banana, strawberries, grapes.

L: Tomato and herb Pasta and Sauce with mushrooms, corn, spinach, green beans topped with 42g reduced fat cheddar (hexa). Shape yogurt, mango & kiwi.

Snack: pineapple and ff yogurt

D: Meat-free chicken style fillet, roast potatoes, brocolli, carrots, sweetcorn, gravy (2 syns)

Will probably have a cereal bar of some sort in a little while for another hexb.

See you tomorrow and thanks for reading!
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The Big One
Another good day today in preparation for weigh in tomorrow morning. I'm hoping for a turn around in my fortunes and that I won't have sts AGAIN!

B: 28g Branflakes (hexb), ff yogurt, banana, strawberries, pineapple

L: Jacket potato, beans, mushroom sweetcorn with a big leaf salad, cucumber & radishes, shape yogurt, grapefruit

Snack: Nectarine

D: Roasted butternut squash, pepper, mushroom & garlic, couscous, big salad as lunch time, 60g feta mixed in too (hexa and a bit!) - delicious!

No syns yet, but will probably make a highlights in a minute (2 syns) and maybe have a cereal bar (hexb) with it.
Good luck for tomorrow Beegee :) Your menus are looking good, I'll be sneaking some inspiration from your thread, I think. I watched Nigel slater do a nice stuffed butternut squash with walnuts and cheese (might be a nice way to use a healthy A and B in a tasty meal), looked like it could be adapted SW style. I usually just have it roasted but I'm going to stuff my next one.

Fingers are crossed for you ! :)


The Big One
Thanks hun and thanks for your comments! It was after reading your diary and a couple of others that I thought I'd like to join in and become a diarist too. I doubt you'll be getting much inspiration from me though, I tend to be unadventurous - unlike your good self! Will pop over to yours now and see how you're doing x


The Big One
0.8 of a kilo off today which is 1.8 pounds. Not bad, would obviously have liked more but I'm just not that speedy a loser!

Today I resisted the hot cross buns which were on offer at my sons toddler group. Yay for me just sticking to my black coffee and walking past them, the Lurpak and the jam!

Today has been like this:

B: Branflakes, ff yogurt, kiwi, banana, pineapple

L: Chinese savoury rice with added sweetcorn, green beans, mushrooms and pineapple. Mango.

Snack: Strawberries, also broke off a bit of the spiced fruit bun my daughter made at school as we all had to try it and say nice things. Have no idea, but am counting it as 2 syns which seems more than generous.

D: As yesterday - roast veg, couscous, feta, salad.

I'm now off to make a Highlights (2 syns) and try one of the new toffee Weetabix Oaty Bars which I picked up in Tesco this afternoon. Hope they're nice as I've got 2 boxes of them!
Excellent loss this week! Well done on breaking the plateaux :) Your menu looks good and reminds me, I too have some savoury rice lurking in the cupboard, which could end up being my tea!


The Big One
Another good day - I totally love SW! :)

B: 28g Shreddies, ff yogurt, banana, strawberries.

L: Wholewheat pasta, spinach, sweetcorn, green beans, mushroom tossed in ff fromage frais and black pepper with hexa of grated cheese on top. Mango & nectarine

Snack: ff yogurt

T: Quorn stir fry and rice (quorn, carrot, pepper, onion, mushroom, bamboo shoots) with syn free sweet and sour sauce. It was good, but I forgot to add the pineapple which I'd spend an eternity cutting up before hand - duh.

Not sure if I'll be having anything else at the moment, those Oaty Bars were nice yesterday so I may go for another one as a second Hexb.
Hiya Beegee :wavey:

Another lovely green diary to read! Congrats on breaking your plateau :D

I was reading your diary with hypercritical eyes trying to see why you had a plateau. It looks fabulous! The only word that stuck out was the word "mango". I am no mango expert :rolleyes: but is it one of those fruits like bananas and grapes that are free but not speedy? Just a though.

To be honest, you diary looks fab and I am just being picky because it is a shame to see you eating so well and not getting the good results you deserve. Keep up the good work! :clap:


The Big One
Hi SS - thanks for dropping by and your lovely kind words of encouragement!!

I totally agree with you re the mango and came to the same conclusion myself. That had been the only thing that was a bit different after I went mango crazy in Asda for a couple of weeks so I cut it down and the losses came back. Interesting! My house is now a mango free zone, but only since yesterday and probably only until I go shopping again, but I will definitely be limiting them more. Thanks so much for your input (not pickiness!), it's much appreciated x


The Big One
Happy friday night! I've had a good but slightly different day today :

B: Shreddies (hexb), banana, strawberries, pineapple, ff yogurt

L: Can of Branston Vegetable Ravioli (1 syn). This was really quite vile and I almost begrudge it the syn. The ravioli bits all fell apart and it just wasn't to my taste. I'm v disappointed as I was hoping it would be like the Sainsbury's one and it wasn't :sigh:. Also - Pineapple & Kiwi, Shape yogurt.

Snack: Apple, strawberries

D: Ooh this is an unusual one for me - SW chips (very rarely make these), beans, 4 quorn fish-less fingers (8 syns), ketchup (3 syns). I haven't had a fish finger for many years and was dead curious about these and really liked them! They taste just how I remember fish fingers to be. However, I now feel exceptionally naughty having spent copious syns on dinner AND having no super-free. Feels very treaty and indulgent and rather wrong!

I've also had no hexa today yet, may get something later.

Today I used my new pedometer for the first time which has been interesting. I'm just taking the readings now and since this morning I have walked 8.775 km / taken 12,536 steps / burned 545 calories. I'm quite impressed with that, it's basically the school run, a trip round Asda and just bobbing backwards and forwards. The danger now is that I'll start to think I've got an extra 545 cals a day to play with!
10th April

Here's the update on my weekend, all gone ok and have had a lovely time visiting friends and enjoying the sun:


B: FF yogurt, banana, strawberry, pineapple

L: Visiting friends today so no control over what's dished up. They know I'm dieting though so don't mind when I politely decline dessert (even though I don't want to!) So, I had approx 1 ladle of pea soup and some veggie jambalaya - I'm allocating 5 syns for these as I saw the recipes and the only syn was a tablespoon of oil in each dish. Very pleased that I could keep this so low!

Snack: Hexb - 2 alpen lights in McDonalds on the way home. Had this with a black coffee which was a bit of a choker as I would usually pick a hot chocolate!

D: Chinese takeaway - allocating 40 syns for this as I included some deep fried spicy beancurd. Yum.

Didn't have any hexa's today or yesterday so must be more conscious of my dairy tomorrow!


B: Banana, kiwi, strawberry, pineapple, nectarine, ff yogurt

L: Pasta and sauce with extra mushroom, sweetcorn, green beans, hexa of cheddar. Shape yogurt & melon.

D: BBQ time!! I made some syn free coleslaw, jacket potato, lots of salad, quorn sausages, used a hexb on a wholemeal roll, spent syns on veggie burgers (1), Ainsley couscous (0.5), ketchup (1) and a bottle of Stella (5.5). Had a Highlights (2) and an Oaty bar to warm up after I'd put the kids to bed!

So, that's another week done with a total of 81 syns. I'm happy with that! :)
First day of the Easter holidays today so we've been out playing at a friends house. I took my own lunch to make sure I stayed on track and avoided all the treaty bits we'd bought the kids so all is good!

B: Branflakes (hexb), ff yogurt, banana, nectarine, kiwi, melon, grapes

L: leftovers from yesterdays bbq (2 syns)

Snack: a few grapes, and - here's a first - a mugshot! In all my time on SW I've never had one but I picked a packet up in Sainsbury's at the weekend on a whim. It seemed to fit the bill when I got in as it had been a long time since lunch. It was ok, wouldn't rush to buy them again but useful to keep in the cupboard I think.

D: Pasta, homemade tomato sauce with pepper, onion, mushroom, sweetcorn and 60g (hexa) of reduced fat cheddar melted on top

Just tucking into a fibre plus now for a second hexb.
Evening all, today has been like this:

B: Branflakes (hexb), ff yogurt, banana, grapes, kiwi, nectarine, melon

L: Jacket potato with homemade syn free coleslaw, salad, cucumber, radishes. Melon, clementines, shape yogurt

Snack: ryvita (from hexb), quorn deli slices, grapes

D: One of my most favourites: quorn, bean and vegetable chilli with brown rice, hexa of cheese sprinkled on top. Yum!

Quite stuffed, so not sure if I'll be having anything else!
I have a couple of days to catch up on, I'm all over the place with the Easter holidays and menus have been a bit random too!

Weigh in on wednesday was good with another 1.5lbs off. This week will be a bit more tricky:


B: Shreddies (Hexb), banana, ff yogurt, kiwi, pineapple

L: Chickpea dahl and rice (the quickest thing I could make for a v v late lunch to warm me up after 3.5 hours in the playground with my daughter's friends)

D: Takeaway round at a friends house for a girls night in. Plain rice and a vegetable dhansak (8ish syns)


B: Branflakes, ff yogurt, banana, kiwi, clementine, pineapple

L: Pasta in tomato sauce (4 syns - out of a jar, was having lunch out) with salad and vegetables

Snack: Quorn deli slices, shape yogurt

D: Quorn and vegetable stir fry with noodles and black bean sauce (3 syns)

Highlights (2 syns) made with milk (hexa) and a cereal bar (hexb)

I'm out for lunch tomorrow as well, so another day out of the usual routine but I have already selected my SW friendly option from the menu!

B: Branflakes (hexb), ff yogurt, banana, pineapple, grapes

L: Out with the family for lunch at an Italian restaurant. I chose Penne Siciliana - penne, tomato sauce, feta cheese (hexa), aubergine, red onion. Not too much of a clue on syns, will say 8ish for any oil added to the sauce.

Snack: melon & strawberries, highlights (2 syns)

D: SW quiche (the cottage cheese one) with salad

May do another highlights and a cereal bar (hexb) in a bit.

Had a boost today as I bought some jeans at lunchtime in a 16 and they fit!!! They're a little snug, but I can do them up without having to lie on the bed and wrestle with them so I'm chuffed to bits. Need to get a few more clothes now as things are getting a bit too baggy.
Hello Beegee!

Well done on another fab week - 1.5lb off is a lovely loss! I must say reading through your menus, every day I think mmmmmm I'd like that. I think we might have quite similar tastes. I too have made syn free coleslaw this week and I'm loving highlights or options hot chocolate made with milk- that feels like such a treat :) I've spotted shreddies on your menu and I absolutely adore shreddies but wouldnt be able to be trusted with weighing out a portion as I love them too much!

Nice one on the jeans - thats such a great feeling! Have a good weekend :)
Shreddies are the business aren't they! I'm sure I put on a hell of a lot of my weight by completely over-doing things like cereals and bread and not being able to have a 'normal' size portion.

Here is saturday's menu, will do sunday later on (when I've decided what it is!)

B: Yogurt, strawberry, melon, kiwi, wholemeal roll (hexb) with a teeny scraping of peanut butter (2 syns - what a treat!) I don't usually have bread anymore, but I opened the packet of rolls to make them for my kids and they smelt so utterly fresh and delicious I ditched the usual bran flakes in their favour!

L: Tomato & herb pasta and sauce with extra spinach, corn, mushroom, green beans and 28g of cheddar (hexa). Also a lovely big orange.

Snack: strawberries, kettle chips (3 syns)

D: Treat night - hooray! Wine (8), lager (5.5), indian takeaway (18), chocolate (5). Yum yum and within allocated syns.
Sunday night and another week done already. Today has been like this:

B: Weetabix Mini's (hexb), milk (hexa), banana

L: Mexican savoury rice, extra veg, cheddar on top (hexa), melon, kiwi, strawberries, natural yogurt

Snack: made bics with my daughter and had to have one (4 syns)

Dinner: Really couldn't be bothered to make anything so - pack of Tilda chilli and bean rice (2.5 syns), quorn sausages, mixed veg - feels like the height of convenience food!

Oaty bar (hexb)

Total syns for the week - 80.
Went to a Sainsbury's that sold clothes today, they had a sale on. OMG. I loaded up the trolley with a good 30-40 items, all a size 16 and tried them all on. They all fitted (some better than others so didn't buy them all!) and I ended up buying £100 worth and got myself a new wardrobe! I'm not one for buying clothes as it bores me but today I just decided I needed some new things and went for it like a crazy lady!

Apart from my shopping fest, today has been like this:

B: Branflakes (hexb), ff yogurt, kiwi, strawberries, banana, grapes

L: Jacket potato, slice of cheddar (hexa), quorn deli slices, lettuce, cucumber. Strawberries

D: Chickpea dahl, mixed veg, spinach, rice, ff yogurt. Liquer chocolate (2 syns)
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