been on muller website


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ive been on the muller website and asked if you can freeze mullerlight , this is the answer they have on the site =

Frozen dairy products for example ice cream tend to contain air, which softens the texture. As yogurt does not contain air, it is not really suitable for freezing as the lack of air makes frozen yogurt very hard and brittle therefore difficult to eat.
We do not recommend that you freeze your yogurt as this will lead to a poorer yogurt quality when it is defrosted. As the yogurt defrosts some of the natural water within the yogurt separates out into a watery layer, which doesn’t taste very nice.

well we can still try - cant we ;)
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Pop in freezer for 1hr try,if you like it put one in when you cook tea,or leave for longer and try again till you get the consistancy you like!


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Ah interesting - maybe that's why the SW mag recipe uses an egg white whisked up then folded in - adds some air into it. I couldn't wait until tomorrow have already put some in, need to get it out and blend it in another half hour. It should be done for lunch/tea tomorrow hehe. Hope it works!


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Mullers have a funny texture when frozen but the WW vanilla and toffee yogurts make great ice lollies


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I tend to put them in the freezer for a wee while then check the texture, i eat them just as they go thick but not totally frozen, if that makes sense x