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  1. dukannotsofatty

    dukannotsofatty Gold Member

    Today is a good day to start the Diary. I was in two minds about it because i won't always get to post, sometimes I can be on every day, others once a week and less. But, at least it gives me a chance to keep all my ramblings in one place.

    Why is it a good day, well this morning I lost .8lbs and after updating my statistics on here I realised that its showing the lowest weight I've been in a couple of years. May 2010 I was a quarter of a pound heavier than I am today. :D

    Three more pounds and I will have lost a stone, and other half pound and i will be in the next stone reading....something I haven't been for years.

    So lets see a few goals to aim for...hhmmmmmm

    To Beat Lowest Weight in Years DONE
    Lose First Stone DONE
    Get into Next Stone (16)

    Lose Two Stone

    I'll update with more as I go along, for now I just want to see me registering a different stone LOL.

    I started this because I am concerned about my health both now and in the future. I suffer with back ache occasionally and I know that losing weight will help with this. I hate how I look, hate the constant clothes crisis everytime i need to dress up, hate not being able to get my breath when I have to move quickly, hate being unmotivated. So here i am, thanks to my parents and all the info Mum has given me over the last year I am now in week three.

    My attack lasted a week and I lose 7lb, cruise will last quite a while, though Dr D says on the website calculator thingy that I should reach my goal by January. This is one of the reasons i am determined to do this. In the past all diets have just said lose 1.5-2lb a week and we never see an end in sight, but the Dukan way has already given me a deadline. I don't expect it to be exact but I'm sure it will be close.

    My goal is to get to 13st. Still heavy I know, but I haven't been that weight in about 17 years. Actually my exact goal is 12st 13lb. Twenty years ago I lost four stone reaching 11st 3lb and after a few life hiccups, jobs etc., I put it all back on plus plus plus. I've been to WW and SW and I truely believe that every single diet works as long as its stuck to 100% no cheats. This is the first diet i have found tht I feel I can eat and not be hungry. I've only felt hungry a couple of times and that wasn't because I hadn't enough to eat, it was because i was late getting my next meal.

    I've had a couple of testing times. At an open night presentation recently they had a barbeque and my daughter kept going back to it, she had three burgers and a hot dog (actually very unusual for her, i guess she was hungry), the family we went with all had food and hot drinks, I had a single glass of water only....boy did i feel good.

    Two days ago i made chips for my DH and DD and when I was putting them on the plates, I actually groaned....oh i so wanted a chip....but i didn't. Yay me!!!!

    It took me a while to work out the oatbran ratios because of wanting cakes etc that use it too. Also eggs and dairy. I have a chart on the cupboard door now and i note down every bit. Some things might be a third of an egg, but it means i can add it up. So long as it balances out in the week I don't mind. Dairy, I actually had been doing ok, never really gone higher than about 800ml in total, and thats on a porridge day.

    Thanks to this site I now make all my own yogurt, I don't drain it so its thinner in consistency, but i can get two tubs out of it and it lasts me a couple of days. I've also experimented with more herbs, having had to buy more fresh ones LOL, and I then freeze them so i can use a teaspoon at a time and not waste costs. Chilli Beef is my fave so far, using soy sauce and sweetening it and adding french mustard....very yum.

    So my food diary today is

    B - Half a piece of Dukan bread spread with thin layer of LF Soft Cheese and a slice of Ham, plus sliced mushrooms. Grilled / 180ml Yogurt. / Coffee
    L - Mini Quiches with Salad (used LF Sour Cream with Lemon & Mint as dressing) / Lo Jelly
    D - Chicken & Mushroom Strogonff (LF Soft Cheese and dash of milk for sauce) with Cauliflower / Vanilla Moist Cake
    S - Crabsticks / Jelly / LF Hot Choc (if I'm hungry or peckish)

    Fluids - Coffee, 3 Cokes, 2 Water, Hot Choc = 1.75lt
    Exercise - Shopping, Housework, Vibration Plate (maybe Just Dance if time)

    So there it is, my opening post. Hopefully some people will read it, and i promise to try and read yours too.
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  3. jalousie

    jalousie Member

    Hi DF, I'm just sat wondering if I should start a diary myself as I get so much out of reading others!

    Thanks for sharing your diary.....you sound in a great place, strong and prepared! I've lurked for a very long time on this forum, and I'm never failed to be impressed by the amount of support. There is such generosity in sharing a diet journey as it can be a very intimate relationship, that perhaps for most of us ( or me!) is one that I have only ever been prepared to keep to myself.

    Reading your menu just made me realise how very dull my eating is at the moment ( although I've been busy and just playing it safe) ..... I just want to get through 4 full days of attack. I would have done longer, 5 at least, but have a family celebratory dinner Saturday night and I will treat myself to salad!

    Ive found the menu thread amazing and I've made turkey koftas, all prepared for dinner tonight:)

    Looking forward to hearing more about your journey!
  4. Triniprinc3ss

    Triniprinc3ss Silver Member

    Good luck guys, we will all be strutting our stuff soon :D
  5. dukannotsofatty

    dukannotsofatty Gold Member

    Jalouise, I too like reading the diaries i just don't always look every day so there ends up being loads to read LOL, and I end up reading the last post only. Still at least I have a look.

    As for menu, I trolled the net looking for recipes and printed them out, put them in a folder and plan my weeks menu using the recipes. That way I'm not eating plain old chicken all the time, I think its a 'recipe' for success...pun intended LOL.

    the strogonoff was so filling I actually didn't finish it all. First time during Dukan.

    Tomorrow my plan is

    B Porridge (I make with 1tbs Oatbran and 1/2tbs Wheatbran, so my allowances stretch in the day) / yogurt / Coffee
    L Ham & Cheese Quiche / Yog-Jelly
    T Meatballs though not sure about sauce with it. Might do soy sauce again, really like that one LOL / Vanilla Moist Cake ( I really like these)
    S Prawns and Seafood and Jelly possibly.
  6. dukannotsofatty

    dukannotsofatty Gold Member

    Today I had a moment of victory. I run a workshop at school for parents making cards and because its in a classroom we have to sit on childrens chairs which play havoc with my back, and difficult to sit at because of my tummy but today for the first time I actually felt as though I could fit in the chair. My tummy and leaning forward wasn't uncomfortable. Very pleased LOL. Just wished my back wasn't quite so sore with it LOL.
  7. dukannotsofatty

    dukannotsofatty Gold Member

    And of week weigh in tomorrow. Really hoping I can lose .2lb and then thats another 2lb this week. Fed up of this week. One day it shows a lost of a pound or so and then next day put it back on...its been a very rollercoaster week. But after talking with Mum today I'm not going to give up weighing every day. I can see the benefit of it, and gain or not, so long as its comes down in the end thats good. :D
  8. dukannotsofatty

    dukannotsofatty Gold Member

    Hmmm didn't work. I put on .6lb which made an end of week loss of 2.4lb. All good, a loss is a loss, but I'm fed up of losing one day and gaining the next. And it doesn't strictly coincide with a specific day ie., PV. In fact for half the week, the morning after PV i lost, then put on for PP day.

    I had a PV day yesterday, didn't cheat at all, not once have I cheated on this diet, and I put on .8lb this morning. Thats nearly 1.5lb in two days..........where am i going wrong.

    Ok this was yesterdays menu

    Oat Porridge (1tbs oatbran / .5tbs Wheatbran / 90nl milk)
    Yogurt (150ml)
    Coffee (sweetner / 60ml milk)

    Smoked Salmon Salad / Cottage Cheese (half pack salmon / 125g CC)
    Lo Jelly (third of a jelly)
    Cup of herbal Tea (dew)

    White Fish Tomato Stew (1/2 tin Toms, 2tbs Soft Cheese, Dill, 30ml Milk, Mushrooms)
    2 Toffee Muffin (from recipe on here Trudy's) (also includes remaining daily bran allowances)
    Diet D&B

    Seaweed Sheets with Smoked Salmon/Prawns/Crabsticks mixed in.
    sealed with soft cream cheese (approx 25g total) I'll post seaweed stats further down
    100g rhubarb with sweetner and ginger
    Cup of Lo Fat Hot Choc

    Throughout the whole day I actually had 8 drinks which is 2 litres and I don't normally managed to drink 8, usually 6/7. Water x 3, Coffee x 1, Tea x 1, D&B x 3,

    I've even sat and worked out the calories for the whole day and it comes in at just under 1500.
    When i first started dieting twenty years ago, at 15st, my daily allowance was 1500. So I know I'm not overeating.

    Its very disheartening to see the scales show a gain when I know I have been spot on, I haven't cheated as I don't feel the need to. But two days in a row is awful.

    Last week was up and down too.

    Mon pp +.2lb
    Tues pv - 1.2lb
    Weds pp + 1lb
    Thurs pv - .8lb
    Fri pp - .6lb
    Sat pv + .2lb
    Sun pp - 1.6lb

    then this week
    Mon pv + .6lb
    Tues pp + .8lb

    I had originally decided to weigh in pounds because i thought seeing the increments this way at .2lb at a time would help my motivation, but its starting to annoy me now I prefer to see the stones and pounds and I think I might just change back. Ok so it might not show me a loss one day if it only changes within the .25 (1/4lb) but that I can cope with. Thankfully on here we can update our stats with any of the weights measures.

    The seaweed sheets are ace, I found them in a local store that sells lots of different foods etc you would't be able to get in Asda or Morrisons. They are what are used to make sushi.
    Per sheet is
    1.0g Protein
    0.9g Carb
    <.1g Fat
    0.7g Fibre
    <0.1g Sodium

    It says in the book about being able to eat seaweed. They are very yummy with prawns/smoked salmon in them.

    Oh well thats my tale today, if anyone reads this let me know your take on it please. I need a boost of sense LOL.
  9. Triniprinc3ss

    Triniprinc3ss Silver Member

    My suggestion (might help) :-

    1. I drink 3 ltrs of water a day. Every time you drink a glass, drink another straight away or one before the meal and one after.

    2. I do a minimum of 30 mins exercise 5 times a week (anything that will cause you to sweat, walking is additional)

    3. I have never touched the wheatbran but, if you use it, maybe reduce the amount you use for that day. I make my oat bran porridge with 100ml of milk anf 2tbsp of oatbran. Microwave for 1 min, stir and then let it sit until it thickens up.

    4. Try not to eat after about 7/8pm if you can help it. I always exercise an hour after my last meal for the day, so that I feel like I'm burning off what I've had.

    5. In the 4 weeks I've been doing the diet, I've only had 2 snacks (sugar-free jelly), as I;m usually satisfied after my meals.

    6. If using any salt, I add two sprinkles (1/8th tsp) of coarse sea salt.

    Hope this helps?
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  10. passionflower

    passionflower Silver Member

    What a victory !! I also run workshops and teach cardmaking and papercrafting not to far from you, its nice to find another common ground with a fellow minimins :)
    Your menu sounds yum as well xxx
  11. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Yay! :D

    P x
  12. dukannotsofatty

    dukannotsofatty Gold Member

    Thanks for answer Trini, exercise is a bit of a problem, I am trying to do as much as I can when I can.

    Eating late is a good idea, though I usually have tea around 5-6 so it means if I am not going to bed till 11 I am starving, i suffer migraines and find I get very bad heads when I am hungry. possibly one of the reasons for eating rubbish is cos I dread the thought of a headache.

    I've upped my fluid from 1.5lt as per book to 2lts and am struggling with needing the loo every half an hour...no exageration (cat so annoyed at me for moving him off my lap twice inthe last hour LOL). I also find I get up at least twice in the night which means I am not getting minimum 5 hours un disturbed sleep.....which as we know is the minimum you need for the battery to start charging.

    I promise these are not all excuses, just answers to your suggestions. I will take on board whats been said and try to incorporate where I can. I do need to try and do more exercise, even if its just more dancing LOL.

    Monica, do you ever get to any of the craft shows. I had really hoped to get to Doncaster this Sunday, but other people dropped out and it meant i couldn't afford fuel all on my own. I've been to harrogate a few times and we have a Papercraft show in Hull in a few weeks. Ross Papercraft show, look for them on FB there is a list of shows they do.
    Would be good to meet up sometime. Where abouts in NY are you
  13. dukannotsofatty

    dukannotsofatty Gold Member

    Just a thought re the wheatbran. I've been having half my bran allowances for my breakfast porridge so that I still have some during the day, I make a pancake or like today I've made scotch eggs and rolled it in the oats.

    I like the idea of porridge for breakfast because it keeps me going during the morning, plus I get to have muffins in the day. I'm not sure how else to portion out the oatbran. I'm not able to just have a pile of things to pick at during the day, costly, so I plan the meals so I am only using one meat. Seeing a few other menus I think I might have to really change things. Worried now thou that i will be hungry again LOL.
  14. Triniprinc3ss

    Triniprinc3ss Silver Member

    It will all work out in the end DF.

    Before Dukan I never did any exercise (I just couldn't be asked) but as the weeks are going by it's got a lot easier (especially if it's just dancing lol).

    I hear you on the toilet issue as I have friends who have the same problem. I've always had a bladder which can wait for long periods of time, so I don't go during the night but I'm sure to make a visit at about 6am (which is not my wake-up time).

    I eat at about 7:30, as I get home at about 6:45pm weekdays, so have no choice. I was a serial snacker but I don't know why I dont snack anymore :confused:. Maybe try having the oatbran in your last meal, as it's supposed to expand when it hits your stomach?
  15. passionflower

    passionflower Silver Member

    Hi honey I usually have a stand at shows, I will be at the Harrogate GNPE in October not doing Doncaster this time as I will be away. i did the KC Stadium a few times but not this year I am considering it for later one in the year.
    I live near Goole so not far from Hull at all 20 min on the motorway.
  16. passionflower

    passionflower Silver Member

    I love the bread now a days with my bran. And sometimes I can make two sandwiches out of it. Also i love making the oopsie rolls famous on the Atkins plan they work a treat as a bread alternative or as a sweet treat. Don't be scared of feeling hungry the ketosis keeps you safely satisfied .
  17. dukannotsofatty

    dukannotsofatty Gold Member

    Trini and Passion, I know it will work out, i think I am second guessing myself. So far if I have gained one day I have lost again the next day. I think perhaps I might have to weigh myself less in the week LOL, even though I had finally decided not to do that and keep weighing daily LOL.

    Monica, you say you Stand at the shows.....what business are you. I go to KC/Bonus every time if I can. the last show in May was Ross papercraft (Terry who sells the paper and card) and it was great. So many more stands, lots more choice. You'll have to come again.

    Do you remember a stand called Paper Roses (Velda) well i went to her shop for classes and ended up working for her for a short while, i did demo's for the last half dozen shows for her, but she's had to close up shop now.

    I don't think I'll get to GNPE cos of costs, and our Hull one is a week after again.
  18. dukannotsofatty

    dukannotsofatty Gold Member

    what's the oopsie rolls please hun. Are you able to share the recipe LOL
  19. dukannotsofatty

    dukannotsofatty Gold Member

    what's the oopsie rolls please hun. Are you able to share the recipe LOL.

    Forgot to say, I my sister lives in goole, about two mins off the motorway. Had to laugh at you saying 20 min down the motorway.....hmmm not with my driving, 40 min maybe LOL,
  20. milton21

    milton21 Full Member

    Juat a thought - but I always put on (only 0.4 or so of a lb) the day after I've had smoked salmon. I presume it's because of the highter salt content.
  21. Triniprinc3ss

    Triniprinc3ss Silver Member

    If I have a meal which is slightly saltier, I drink 2/3 glasses of water straight after to help flush it through my system :D

    I don't know if it helps but it makes me feel better lol!

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