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been on this 3 days now and ive done bad today, help please

hi all ive posted this two other time but decided to open my own thread, i started the diet on sunday, went 2 and half days then had bad day today, kids being very bad, got upset and eat my sons chips and 2 scollops, im so upset, will this ruin all ive done, will it be like starting over, or ok if dont do it again:cry:
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Knock back loads of water, get straight back onto your packs, and hopefully it won't cause too bad an effect. It can be so difficult, especially in the first few days, but you need to hang on in there :hug99:
thanks hun, im gutted , my sister doing it with me and i cant tell her, shes asked me if ive eaten and ive said no, im just really worried about my keytones being stopped
hi natalie,
sorry you have found it really tough today!
try your very best to forget the chips and scallops because dwelling on it, feeling guilty and that you've ruined everything is likely to take you to eating more!
look at the positives.... you HAVE started this, it WILL work!!
by doing this the last few days you will have drasically reduced your calories - as for ketosis, i'm sure you'll be ok come thursday/friday and this time next week it will all feel a whole lot easier - HONESTLY!
be kind to yourself and switch your mind to where you wanna be and not where you've been and you'll be at weigh day before you know it!
chin up and go and have a pint (of water) on me!


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Aww Natalie dont worry hun, it happens! Like everybody has said get glugging the water and lots of it and get straight back onthe packs. It will get easier honestly so stick with it xx


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There's no point dwelling on what you've done, as the others have said glug the water, draw a line under it and start again! These first few days are the hardest, but once over them, you will be flying hun xxx
Just in response to natalie i am on my 3rd day today, but last night i had a cheese and tomatoe sandwich and chrisp! i dont know why i did it and feel really bad but i felt so hungry! but knew i would feel guilty afterwards, but i thought well at least i have started this and nop point dwelling on it so i have done as the advice you have been given from these lovely people in here! and i have just started again but this time i feel i have the willpower and i now know how bad it will make me feel if i did it agin! so good look hun! i have my weigh in saturday so will keep you's posted *fingers crossed*
I know exactly how u feel. I managed to get thru my 1st wk, but then cheated straight after my 2nd weigh in. It happens but its best to cheat quite early on as u kinda learn from ur own mistakes, if that makes any sense?! wen ever u feel the need to eat, remember back to now and how u felt cheatin. wen ppl used to say, "its gets easier" i used to think, yeh rite.......but seriously it really does. once u get into the routine of makin the shakes and the weight falls off, it'll spur u on. Also ppl will start to compliment u on ur nu figure. That'll help. U can do this!! Good luck...xxx


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I Know How U Feel. I Think It Is The Worst Thing For Me When The Kids Are Not Behaving, Feel Like Going And Getting A Pack Of Biscuits And Eating The Whole Pack! I Have Two Boys And Are Very Good Most Of The Time, But They Can Be Proper Little Boys And Thats When I Feel Like Eating, But Don't Give Up And Keep On Track Get Back On The Shakes And Water And Pretend Your Having A Vodka!!!! Take Care Hun.xx
thanks guys, sorry it taken so long to reply, i coulnt remamber my password and everytime i set a new one it wouldnt let me in, finally sorted, im soooooooooo gutten, just had my first weigh in and lost 4.5 bls, my sister lost 7.5, im so pleased for her but gutted as ive lost more when ive been eating
4lbs is 4lbs!!!! i wouldn't worry abouut you did last week, you know how it made you feel then and more than likely will not be doing again!! just think next weeks weigh in will be so much better! carry on and good luck, you have done really well congrats! take care. xx
hey nat my first weigh in too i lost 5lbs so we both doin good! everybodys different you might lose more next week and ur sis less, might have took you longer to go into ketosis coz of the lil cheat, like it did me(i cheated same day as you! ;), but for next week we will be laughing!! ;) chin up and well done!!!!!!!!!
lol jenni hun, we started same day, chaeted same day and got weighed same day, we can do it together from now hun, i got 7 flapjack today and tasted one, spat it out, mingin, i went back and swopped for choc and strawberrys , dont try them omg it horrible
i just have the shakes gettin to love the strawberry and i dont usually like that at all (even mcdonalds ones! hehe)
Natalie - we need to motivate each other and really try! as well next weigh in will be based on 8 days when this week was 6 (did u start mon?)
lol hun, ive been doing my choc shakes in my blender with 2 sweetners, i teaspoon of coffee some water n loads of ice, its like a mcds shakes and fills me up more, i started sunday so will be better next week as this will be sat to sat, i love the strawberry hun, i even like them just mixed alone, the choc a little bitty if not blended with ice, but lovely as said above,
at the moment im wondering weather i can do another week but will try, im just gonne think of each week not longer or i start to think i cant do it lol
yea defo think of it like that, i find the best way to get blend the shakes is with a hand blender(£3 asda!) i neva have any lumps! i have all mine with just 8oz of water,sometimes ice ;)
have u tried ketosix? i got some from asda u can check ur ketoneslevel mine after i cheated was quite low but is now high and im not feeling hungry coz its hign and it will continue to get higher if im strict, u will get to the point where u feel full of energy and suppressed appitite

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