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Bee's Diary

Starting myself a diary to keep me on the straight and narrow! My days/menus are mainly the same and i'm hoping i can vary them a bit by keeping a record and keep track of my syns better. Giving up the wine this week too!

Been on slimming world since october and 2 stone down :) Now my membership to the online has finished and i cant afford to renew at the mo, i think keeping a diary here will help me instead!

Monday 31st Jan

2 x Coffee +skimmed milk HexA

1/2 hour on the Wii, 20 mins aerobic and 10 mins Yoga

B 2 Quorn sausages, beans and a scrambled egg
1tbs ketchup 1 syn

Hot water with lemon juice

L Homemade soup (Sweet potato, tomatoes, carrots, parsnips and onion)
2 x Wholemeal bread HexB
Spread 2 syns

1/2 HexB Alpen light bar

Dinner Quorn mince with peppers, carrots, chickpeas, onions and passatta. Sweet potato wedges and mushy peas
2Tbsp Light Mayonnaise 2syns

Muller light + satsuma
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Hi Vixsta :) Yeah i love green days! Quorn just does it for me lol and i like having the extra HexB that i wouldnt get on EE!

Bee x
Tuesday 1st

Bit of a rubbish day today, didnt cheat but didnt eat enough through the day, hence i got home at 9.30pm bleeding starving!

B Coffee - HexA

L Homemade soup 2 slices W/M bread HexB
Spread 2 syns

D Quorn mince baked beans + 42g red fat cheddar HexA
Mayonnaise 3 Syns

Still hungry so 2 x fatfree yoghurts and 2 x Alpen lights HexB
Weds 2nd - Weigh in day

1lb off! Quite a relief as was expecting to STS! Was off work last week so was only on plan for 3 or 4 days. 100% on plan now so it doesnt catch up next week!

Todays plan, will update syns later!

Coffee + sk milk HexA

B 1/2 tin beans on 2 W/M bread HexB

L Homemade soup 2 W/M bread HexB
Spread 2 syns

D Quorn chicken and spinach lasagne (Cheese HexA)
Fatfree yoghurt and a small piece of homemade flapjack, no idea of syns!

Dark choc 2 finger kitkat 5 syns (i think?)
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Hey ho, just popped across to have a look at your diary! Wow your donig reall well, you must be so proud! I see you love Quorn too! Have you tried the cracked black pepper fillets? They're delish with some homemade spicy wedges!! yum! x sarah x
Noo i havent tried them, i tend to just flavour up the plain stuff but i should expand lol! I do chilli up my mince i must admit!

Bee x
Thursday 3rd

HexA - Sk Milk

B scrambled egg + baked beans + 2 x WM toast Hex B
Ketchup 1 Syn

L Super noodles (l/f) Quorn chicken, toms 21g red fat cheddar 1/2 HexB

D Wholemeal Spaghetti Arrabiata sauce (thanks Fairyella, t'was yum!)
21g Red fat cheddar 1/2 Hex B

Syns Large glass red wine 5 syns
Dark chocolate kitkat 5 syns
Friday 4th

Woohoo! A friend came today and we took the kids to Burger King for a treat lunch... I just had a coffee and just came home and had Veggie Soup and WM bread, i feel so virtuous and proud of myself!!

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