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being tested!!!

am gutted, if there was an occasion to comfort eat then for me this is it...

glastonbury tickets have sold out, ive been trying to get them for hours

its my favourite thing of the year - i'd rather go there than have a fortnight in the sun

ive only missed one since 1991 ( and that was the year when my daughter was born)

so upset!

daisy x
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not heard of them, use redmist usually.
glasto tickets are different tho as you need to pre-register and they have your photo on - to stop people re-selling them, very complicated, but stops the touts

there will be a few on sale next year - people sometimes get duplicates or don't pay after the deposit time is up, but there won't be many. i will have to keep my fingers crossed.

if not i will go away that weekend somewhere really nice so i don't have to see anything about it. maybe go to krakow or helsinki - been wanting to go there for ages!

daisy x
Aw no! As Jez says, check out Seatwave, Craigslist (and of course eBay) and I'm sure you'll be able to get some.

I remember when Glastonbury was cheap and you could get in without a ticket (ahem) :grumble:

Well done for not comfort eating :) x
You know, my friends went to Green Man this year and said it was better than Glastonbury...! Just a thought in case you can't get a ticket... xx
i suppose we could try out a different festival instead

ive been going since 1991 - only missed one when my youngest was just a few weeks old. even went when i was 34 weeks pregnant.

its changed a lot since the BBC got hold of it, but i still love it there.

ho hum.... there's always 2011 i suppose - tho 2012 is going to be a 'rest' year apparently

daisy x
Oh Daisy - I know how much you love Glasto and looked forward to it this year. So sorry you missed out on the tickets for next year. Keep trying the websites and maybe you'll get lucky. If not, loads of other festivals about that might be great alternatives. xx
Oh Daisy

So sorry for you. You are so tiny - surely you could be catapulted from your hubby's shoulders over the fence!
But you'd land in the mud.........
Have to think of another solution.:confused:


Is back in the saddle!
I think the landing in the mud thing is all part off it SB!!!

I'm sure something will turn up Daisy, don't give up yet. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
lol SB!

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