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Bekki's food diary

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Bex_2601, 20 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. Bex_2601

    Bex_2601 Full Member

    Breakfast - nothing

    Lunch - Toffee Mullerlight

    Dinner - SW ultimate burger 1.5 syns (didn't use chese slice), salad

    HEXa - semi-skimmed milk, 28g gouda
    Hexb - wholemeal rolls x 2

    Syns - slice gouda (couldn't resist when i opened the packet!) 5.5!!!!
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  3. Bex_2601

    Bex_2601 Full Member

    got to add afrozen mullerlight and a milky way single (3.5) to yesterday. And forgot about my 30mins wii fit, did mainly aerobic, some yoga and muscle.

    Total syns yesterday -9
    Wii fit says 13st 4lb
  4. debbywebby1970

    debbywebby1970 Silver Member

    That seems like very little to eat to me. Arent you starving.? I would be. You need to add a lot more fruit and veg sweetie......
  5. Bex_2601

    Bex_2601 Full Member

    Yeah, i know, i don't have a huge amount to lose but have finally excepted i am a binge eater, yesterday i felt like i ate loads, howeveri can, or should i say could, quite happily eat a large pizza hut stuffed crust meat feast pizza with garlic bread and breaded mushrooms all to myself, then not eat for a couple of days, living on tea, or eat 6 chocolate bars in a day and that's it, so really do need to get into the habit of eating normally, hence slimming world, in my defence, i do eat a fruit salad every morning on weekdays. But hopefully, there will be an improvement in my habits. Certainly today i have eaten LOADS!
  6. Bex_2601

    Bex_2601 Full Member

    Sunday 21st June

    Breakfast - Muller light

    Lunch - a whole syn free quiche, it was just sooooo good i couldn't stop myself. although did only make half the recipe, just as well i didn't make the whole thing!

    Snack - Mullerlight

    Tea - Cheese and spinach from SW site, added HEXA cheddar to recipe filling, with potatos (HEXB) and veg.

    Can't believe i've eaten so much and had no syns!!!! Thank-you to everyone on here and to SW site, you are all making this so much easier and sme amazing recipes. Made soup for lunch during the week already, leek and swede so i can have it on both days.

    UPDATE : Had 1tsp Clover with my new potatoes = 2 syns.

    Hexa = milk to use in tea.
    Last edited: 21 June 2009
  7. Bex_2601

    Bex_2601 Full Member

    Monday 22nd June

    Breakfast - fruit salad
    Snack - mullerlight
    Lunch - leek and swede soup plus 2xslices warbutons (HEXb)

    Haven't decided on tea yet.
  8. Bex_2601

    Bex_2601 Full Member

    Update for 22nd,

    having Italian mushroom, garlic and oregano pasta for tea tonight, 0 syns, and making StaceyUK's black bean salad for tomorrows tea.

    Had a few 7-8 nuts when everyone else was stuffing cake and chocolate, so 5 syns. That was hard though, m&S cupcakes and everything. Oh well, think of how naughty they are!
  9. Bex_2601

    Bex_2601 Full Member

    Tuesday 23rd - Breakfast - fruit salad
    Snack - muller light
    Lunch - Soup - Free
    Snack - Mullerlight and another fruit salad
    Tea - SW Free Quiche and Salad

    No syns, maybe should work on that
  10. Bex_2601

    Bex_2601 Full Member

    Wednesday 24th
    Breakfast - Fruit Salad
    Snack - Muller light
    Lunch - Soup (It's all gone!!!) Free
    Snack - Hartleys Blue berry & Blackcurrant low calorie jelly pot - Free, i think (5.25 calories per pot)
    Tea - Staceys mexican fiesta - 2.5 syns
  11. Bex_2601

    Bex_2601 Full Member

    yesterday also had 2 satsumas, aplum, an apricot, an apple. had a bit of a binge, at least it was all freeeeee!

    muller light
    left over mexican fiesta about 1/4 - 2 syns
    SW quiche with spinach and HEX cheese and salad and 6 oven chips - 3 syns? not sure how to calculate it as were american style skinny ones. Had to force it down as not hungry today. mustn't get into binging habits again. oh and might be offline for a couple of days as moving so gotta get net installed again. not fallen off diet!!!!!
  12. Bex_2601

    Bex_2601 Full Member

    Yesterday had an awesome day food wise but still not sure i got it right as it just seemed soooooo NAUGHTY.

    Breakfast - Fruit salad
    Lunch - Cheese toastie (HEX Bread and cheese + 2 tsp anchor lighter 3 syns)
    Snack - mullerlight
    Tea - Gammon (HEX) egg, SW chips and beans. 0 syns. Followed by Cous cous cake and custard. 3 syns
    Snack - Banana

    HEX A milk for tea

    Just felt soooo naughty yet only 6 syns for the day.
    Last edited: 31 July 2009
  13. Bex_2601

    Bex_2601 Full Member

    yesterday had a crappy day. But not a bad day for syns.

    Lunch - salad with cottage cheese and fried mushrooms,
    snacks - banana and 1 slice of fat free sponge cake 1.5 syns
    Tea - missed

    so total 1.5 syns no HEX b, milk for a as usual.

  14. Bex_2601

    Bex_2601 Full Member

    Breakfast - jordans museli, hexb, milk from allowance
    Lunch - cheese toastie, hexa cheese, hexb bread, 1tsp spread - 2 syns
    Tea - black eyed bean patties and mexican rice. FREE!!!
    Snacks - Banana,

    Need more syns!!!!

    update - 1 slice FF cake 1.5 syns - total 3.5 syns
    Last edited: 31 July 2009
  15. cinderzxx

    cinderzxx Full Member

    Couscous cake?
    sounds interesting, and yummy! is it in the recipe section Bex? xx
  16. hobbithead

    hobbithead Full Member

    Cheese toastie, yum, yum, why didn't i think of that. So naughty but free, I like it:D:D
  17. Bex_2601

    Bex_2601 Full Member

  18. cinderzxx

    cinderzxx Full Member

    thankyou bex! looks interesting does it taste good?
    sounds nice and stodgy which is just the stuff i go for!!

    whats the lowest syn custard to have it with? xx
  19. Bex_2601

    Bex_2601 Full Member

    I buy the ambrosia low fat pots, individual tubs, you can get them in sainsburys.
  20. Bex_2601

    Bex_2601 Full Member

    Saturday 1st Aug

    Hexa - milk
    hexb - cereal

    1 slice FFS cake - 1.5 syns
    Turkey meatballs - free
    2.5oz rice - 5 syns
    banana - free

    6.5 Syns for the day
    Last edited: 4 August 2009
  21. Bex_2601

    Bex_2601 Full Member

    Sunday 2nd Aug

    Hexa - milk
    hexb - bacon and parmasan (Carbonara)

    Breakfast - Mullerlight - free
    Lunch - Egg fried rice - free
    Tea - Linguine carbonara - 4.5 syns
    Snacks - banana, 2 tsp sugar - 2 syns

    6.5 syns for the day.
    Last edited: 4 August 2009

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