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Belly fat question with fast weight loss

Hi all. I was just wondering if tummy fat is the last thing to go? I am losing weight at a steady pace and it is starting to become noticable. I am swimming daily and my arms, shoulders and legs are becoming slimmer. The thing is, I was trying on some clothes and even though I am losing inches around the tummy area is seems to be at a slower rate than the rest of me!

Does anyone else experience this and will it shift eventually? I still have 48 pounds to lose and hope that it doesn't all end up round my middle!!!:p
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You lose it at the same rate from all the main fat deposited areas (thighs, bum, tummy, etc), it's just the tummy is where the most noticeable amount of fat is stored so seems to be hanging around longer than the rest. Give it time, it will go!
It is definitely the last thing to go on me. It always was the worst of all my fat parts. My stomach is the first place I gain weight so it makes sense it would be the last to go.

It will shift eventually, well I hope it does because I still have a stone to go to my target weight and hopefully most of that will come off my tummy because it's still huge, I won't be satisfied until I reduce the stomach bulge and back fat.

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I'm so glad you asked this question! I was wondering exactly the same thing. I'm losing weight and inches and clothes are getting baggy but my tummy still seems the same :( The answers you got have really given me hope :) Good luck with your tum :)
Me too! I'll squash whatevers left over into spanx but need to see me toes without bending over please :)
*off to google magic pants*


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I find that it goes down suddenly, like i'll lose a stone and notice hardly any difference then lose a few pounds and my clothes are suddenly hanging off me!

I read something which said that when you lose fat, the cells fill with water, the water disperses over a little time, hence sudden inch loss
I'm the complete opposite, I lose it massively in my face and stomach area before anywhere else with my thighs taking the longest!! I swear I have hamster legs and they are just endless voids filled with wobbly fat :0(

I've been on it three weeks now going from a size 14/16 down to a 12 in trousers.... However they have to be wide legged trousers at that!!!

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Brilliant Triage..I can't wait to shop for new trousers...you must be so pleased to fit into 12's...no mission of a 12 going over my hips for a couple of months yet :eek:
My old CD consultant told me women tend to loose their weight from the top down, but the tummy is one of the last places becaue of the high saturation of fat cells. For men, it's the opposite. They loose it from the bottom up and tummy's tend to go faster. Also men have increased levels of testerone which is a natural fat burner (insert swear word here :flamingmad:)

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