Best and Worst Christmas Presents

Shelle Belle

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Thought it might be a good idea for us all to post our best and worst christmas presents. You might get some ideas from it at least !!

My best ever present was a Radley Bag from my mam last year and the worst ever present was a small fire extinguisher.............yes you read it right. Why would anyone want to buy someone one of those for christmas. My cooking is not that bad surely. I will never understand their reason for buying me that.
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My best would be my Armani watch that my hubby bought me and my worse would be some Charlie Red perfume my stepmum bought me. It gave me a major migraine!

Gene Genie

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My best would be my freeview recorder that Mr G bought me last year as I use this every day and he put thought into it because its so I can pause telly while we chat on the phone or record telly when i fall asleep early after a hectic day

My worst is a clash between £30 of Toni & Guy vouchers when I was a student and so skint I didnt have enough money to put to them to get a hair cut from my ex best friend or the year the Ex Mr G's family all bought me bottles n bottles of the kind of perfume people buy in poundland

Mrs V

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Oh...Ive had loads of naff presents! I'm allergic to so many things, yet people still insist on buying me bath gift sets for Christmas (I wonder if they are trying to tell me something!!!) and one year an Aunt bought me a nightie that was about 4 sizes too small...telling me that I would shrink to fit it (cheeky mare!!)
I have also had too many fantastic presents including a motorbike one year from Hubby!


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Ohhh, best present - Radley handbag last year from my parents too...

Worst - vaccum bags to store duvets or wooly jumpers in (I was 9)



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I dont think Ive had any really bad presents, one year OH bout me four new tyres for my car, some people said that was a rubish present but I was pleased as they cost like £200! top one would prob be the Radley purse he got me one year as he'd taken note of the one I wanted and bought it even though he thought £70 was extortionate for a purse, AND he went to the trouble of getting it (well he got my mum to get it) normally I end up buying my own presents. Oh and bless him last year he managed to get me a DS that I really wanted even when they seemed to be outta stock somewhere, (he ended up paying a fortune for one as part of a package with games and case etc and then selling the games!) xx


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My best was a lovely diamond and blue topaz ring from my oh last year and the worst is lavender bath sets that my aunt keeps buying me every year. It is so strong and as i am a migrane sufferer this triggers them off. I also come out in a rash with it.