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Best excuse yet for not selling Ketostix


Gone fishing
I thought this was hilarious. The chemist wouldn't sell the ketostix because Atkins dieters were abusing them :D

OMG! :D That is so funny.

I know boots say its up to the pharmacist to make the decision as they say they don't agree with low carb diets. The fact that they sell Atkins bars and books seems to have escaped their notice.:confused:

So, will they stop selling scales because dieters keep weighing themselves?


Or perhaps woman are using the ketostix to beat their husbands :eek:
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Unbelievable !!! I bought mine on the internet - feel like going into Boots just to start a fight!!!! Who will they sell them to then surely there is some discrimination going on here if they have a policy for / against certain people.


I can do this.
omg.. i can't believe their stupidity...i'm definitely going to boot's next time i need some.


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my sister went to boots when she wanted some and was asked what they were for, because she said she was on a diet they wouldnt sell them to her, i got mine from asda pharmacy and they never asked anything, just that they didnt have any in stock and would get them in later on that day for me.
wish id have gonet to boots for mine and if theyd said no because i was on a diet i would've said sommat, probably got thrown out as well :D


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This is quite an ongoing thing with Boots. Almost three years ago, before I did Cambridge, I low-carbed for around five months. I used to port on a low-carb forum and was immediately made aware that Boots often wouldn't sell the stix to low-carbers. I can't remember which pharmacy I got my ketostiix from at the time (may have been Boots, or may've been somewhere else), but I do remember that I was asked for what purpose I was buying them. I chickened out and said my diabetic grandma!! The pharmacist then went on to say that was okay, they just didn't like selling them to dieters! If it was now, with all the knowledge I have of low-carb/Cambridge, i'd be purposely truthful so I could have an argument about it. :p

As you say, Karion, there's a definite irony in the fact that Boots actually sell low-carb snacks, etc!! I really don't know where they get off, deciding who they will and won't sell non-prescription items to - it's shocking really.

To everyone else - remember that your CDC can provide you with Ketostix. That would seem to be the easier option!

Jo x


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Lol, I bought off ebay. Hope Boots realise how much money they're losing by refusing to sell non prescription items. Personally I never use them, got fed up with being interogated in public when trying to buy Paracetamol or other over the counter meds.
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I had that from Lloyds... as soon as i said "do u sell Ketostix" she looked at me and said "are u on a low cal diet" and i said "why? do i look as if i need to be on one" cheeky cow! and after all that they didnt have them anyway. So i got mine from boots yesterday no questions asked
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What I want to know is how people were abusing the ketostix lol..... were they beating them, neglecting them or using them as a lethal weapon????

At the end of the day, its people's human rights to diet - and if that involves checking if you're in ketosis then surely that's up to us?


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What I want to know is how people were abusing the ketostix lol..... were they beating them, neglecting them or using them as a lethal weapon????




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has started again!!
I've had a similar reaction from my local Boots. When I asked for a pack, the young lad at the counter looked quizzically at me, (I still have a fair way to go...) then asked his supervisor. After much whispering, just out of earshot but still in my view, she came over, looked me up and down, and said "No, I am sorry we have just sold the last pack and are waiting for our next delivery."

A big fat low-carb hating lie methinks!!

Anyway, I went off to Ebay where I admittedly paid a little more, but got 3 packs, no problems. That should keep me going!! Word of advice, if buying from Ebay, dont bother with the Ketostix clones. I did try some once and they never worked, worse than useless. Now itrsa the real mccoy or nowt!!

BTW, I hold my hand up to being an abuser too. I confess I wee on mine, every time. I just cant help myself. I think I will try www.ketostixabusersanonymous.com. Maybe then I can stop this eveil habit.....
How long before the Columbian Drug Barons get wind of all this and start knocking them out on street corners.

Imagine the indignity of being arrested for being a Ketostix Pusher.:eek: :eek: :eek:

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