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  1. Nacks

    Nacks Member

    Hi everybody

    My name is Nicola, I am 35 years old and I joined WW this week. It's never a good week to join is it but the excuses could carry on for ever i.e. I've got something on this weekend etc.

    I basically have something on every weekend so I had to just bite the bullet. Anyway, I have done WW before and the most I lost was just over a stone. I need to lose at least 5 stone so I'm hoping and preying that I can get it into my mind good and proper this time.

    This weekend we have people coming over and tradition is we have a take a way. My question is, does anyone know the points values of any chinese or indian dishes? If not, which one do people think I'll be better off going for?

    Thanks in advance and looking forward to sharing ideas and help

    Nic x
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  3. mrsm2007

    mrsm2007 Gold Member

    Hello and welcome, by far Chinese is the lowest compared to Indian dishes. If you haven't already got one from your meeting I'd reccomend the eating out guide highly. If your doing it on your own like me you can easily get one from ebay etc.

    Try this link for some point ideas x
  4. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

  5. Smirky

    Smirky Gold Member

    chicken with pineapple ... whole lot 3 points! :D yum yum yum! :p

    Definitely Chinese :D
  6. Nacks

    Nacks Member

    Great, thanks for the replies - it has helped make my mind up.

    Mrs M - brilliant link which is now added to my favourites, thanks very much for that.

    Nic x
  7. Thanks for the link, its amazing! Great question, I was just googling it when I thought to check here first :)
  8. billie

    billie Member

    Points in Indian food

    A couple of years ago a member posted a full list of points values of both Indian and Chinese takeaways, I still have the Chinese list, but was wondering if anyone had the Indian points list.
    Thanks in anticipation
  9. sarah1984

    sarah1984 Full Member

    I'm going for a Chinese meal with work tomorrow night. Very happy to find this won't completely blow it!
  10. joles

    joles Full Member

    asda do the packs of different chinese and indian foods. they are not bad in points you could pick and choose and just shove them in the oven while u are chattin over a glas of vino xx

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