Best way to cook Fish??!!!


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The other evening i had dinner at an Italian, as i was doing a red day i thought i'd go for the fish dish.

I had Sea bass with vine toms and veg and it was blumming lovely!!!

I didnt ask how it was cooked, but it was soo moist and yummy!!!

I'm going to pop to the supermarket after work to see if i can pick some bass up, but how am i best cooking it without over doing it or frying it?

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Ela ine

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I always just make a little foil parcle (including putting tomatoes/veg/peppers/whatever) inside, a couple of sprays of fry light and in to the oven it goes :)


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Thats fab, thanks Ela_ine :) I'll give it a go tonight



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Hia, the fishmonger should be able to give you some tips. If you buy it from the fish counter the silver paper they wrap it in gives cooking guidelines.

I like to either poach or oven cook fish. If you want to oven cook it pop it in a foil parcel, season it, pop on some cherry tomatoes if you fancy, or slices of onion, or lemon, or tarragon ... whatever goes nice with fish really, you can also pour over a tablespoon of white wine for extra moistness ;) Depending on the size of the fish it should be ready in about 25 mins.


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Ali your a star, i'll defo have a word with the fishmonger tonight.



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I fry sea bass with a tiny bit of fry light in a non stick pan and its fine, well actually its blooming lurvely


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best way is on a greenwood rack over the hot coals of a real wood fire... fresh out of the lake or river earlier that day.... :)


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I am another one for the foil parcel! I love my salmon cooked this way xx