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Bev's Battle

Hey guys, im starting cambridge towards the end of the week (either thursday or friday depending on when i can visit the GP) and i thought i'd start a diary here to track my progress!

first a bit about me: my names Bev, 24 years old from Sheffield (well little village outside it). i've got a LOT of weight to lose. ideally i'd love to weigh 10stone, so that means i have erm.. around 13stone to lose! i'm not going to be off put by how much i have to lose. i'm going to motivate myself by doing this in targets, and as a treat for myself for every stone i lose i'm going to put £100 in the bank towards my new skinny wardrobe, so when i get to my ideal weight i'll have £1300 to spend on getting myself all kitted out with new clothes! :D (okay, to earn the £1300 in the first place i'll have to do a bit of overtime, lol, but if its all for clothes its not that much of a hardship :p). also when i get to my ideal weight i'll be treating myself to a holiday, and i wont be afraid i wont fit in the plane seat this time (always a bonus :D).

well i'll be starting this hopefully on thursday 1st july. i see my CDC for the first time tomorrow night at 7pm so i'll update this then and let you know how go on! im kinda excited and nervous and everything all bundled into one atm. i dont see this as a hardship, i see it as an adventure, a chance to lose 13stone in less than a year, a chance to be the person i always wanted to be physically. a chance to change my life.

so this is my journey...
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Hiya Bev hun!!

Cant wait till you start CD your going to do so well (better than me) Thank you for all your amazing support to me the last week its really helped. I know you can defo lose that 13stone hun I have 11stone 3lbs to lose so we can do this together. Good luck tomorra meeting you CDC hun hehe! Let me know how you get on <3 xxxx
thanks hun, please dont beat yoursef up too much, you really have been an inspiration to me. i cant wait to start this, we can support each other every step of the way and get to goal together :)
oh good luck with meeting your counsellor for the first time
I love the idea of 100 quid a time that is such a good amount - and so many shops in sheffield too :)
well i went to see my consultant tonight and im really impressed! she explained because im over 5ft 8 (im 5ft9) ill need 4 packs a day. thats pretty good, breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch and tea (gonna try and eat more f my packs in the day when im at work to keep my energy up). ooh and i tried the berry water flavour and it was delicious!

weigh in was pretty horrendous - 22st 13lbs! ouch! i normally get weighed first thing in the morning though so i knew it would be more. next step is seeing my GP on tuesday night at 5.10pm, then off to my consultants for 6.45pm to pick up my packs :) im so excited! i start on friday 2nd julyand my weigh in will be every thursday night!!

gonna try and get a new swimming pass too for next week, though i might try and increase the amount of walking i do first, i dotn want to swim too much onsuch a limited number of calories at first, want to give myself the first week to get into the swing of things. i can start swimming in week 2 when i'm already in ketosis :)

ooh, im so excited, im going to change my LIFE!! :D
good luck with everything
I have half a shake at a time so I can have lots of small meals while I am at work and still have some left for the evening
I often dont have my first one till 11am as I get more and more in need of them during the day

with the berry water flavouring I use very very little but in each bottle I just use a tip on the handle of a teaspoon - not even 1/4 per bottle and that means I dont ever have to have plan water

good luck with the doctors - I hope all goes well

I was at our surgery today and my doctor saw me - she was beaming as she hadnt seen me since I started and told me it was really obvious :):)


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Heya, here to wish you the best with your new way of life, hope it works out amazingly :)


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Hiya hunni

Welcome to the mad house that is CWP - hope that everything goes off ok at the docs and that you can start without any problems on Friday

Just take it one day at a time and the time will soon fly by

Keep posting on here as well when you need some motivation- there is nearly always someone online

Have a great week

not long now till you are at the docs hope all goes well and you can start asap
I had a start date in mind and ended up starting early :):)
not long now till you are at the docs hope all goes well and you can start asap
I had a start date in mind and ended up starting early :):)
yeah, ideally i'd have loved to start earlier but couldnt get in at the docs till thursday night. have my drs appointment at 5.10pm and then straight off to see my CDC to pick up my packs, then tesco to buy a blender and loads of water (hate tap water), lol! :D

oh, and thanks to everyone that wished me well. im really excited about starting this and ill be sure to update my diary laods with how im doing and come here for support when i need it. i'm sure the first week will be tough but once im in ketosis im hoping i wont feel too hungry and have enough energy to exercise etc.

in the first week im just going to attempt walking i think while my body gets used to it, i can start swimming again in week 2 and build up the exercise gradually :)
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Good luck!! I'll hopefully be starting a few days after you! Seeing the Dr tomorrow, not sure why i'm nervous about it!
I'm also strangely excited about starting CD!!
im nervous about seeing the doctor too, not looking forward to it one bit. last time i saw him i was 15years old and 15st, i went home in tears after he actually said i was "fat". i was so scared at going to the doctor after that a few winters ago i almost died from pnuemonia because i didn't go to the doctors when i was ill. i did anything to avoid seeing him even though antibiotics could have solved the problem. i've made peace with it now though. if i get any **** from him this time i plan on telling him exactly what i think of him and changing doctors :D
I hate tap water too - I bought a water filter for work as it was costing me a fortune :):)

I continued with any exercise I was already doing when starting cd its new exercise you should avoid - as I was already going to the gym I kept up with it - I did however cut back on the cardio and kept to the toning more as I wanted to retain as much muscle mass as I could - you wont build more on a vlcd and cardio would burn too many cals
so you will know what exercise you can do - listen to your body
one day to go :):)
Bev, I have been inspired by you, and am going swimming on Friday- while you are at the drs, I'll be buying a pack of razors!
Don't take anything the dr says to you personally- they get tired/grumpy/hungry/fight with their partners/bosses/receptionist/ get depressed etc etc like the rest of us- that late in the day, who knows what you might get. Ria has a delightful description of being weighed recently by a nurse, who last weighed her several stone ago- stay as dignified as you can if he is cranky, and look foward to his change in attitude when you are several stone down the track.
How far are you swimming during a session?
I have no idea where my swimming gear is!


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Good luck at the Drs tonight :cross: i'm sure it'll all go well!
good luck - we have similar amounts to lose - I love the way you see it as an adventure. I keep looking at CD success stories where large amounts (10 stone+) have been lost in 10-12 months and think - maybe, just maybe it's my turn now? And that excites me :D
well im really sannoyed, waited 30 minutes to see the doctor and he took my forns n the cambridge medical book my cdc provided and said he'd read it an give it back to me tomorrow with a signature if he approves. im so annoyed. i dont live where my old doctors is so its an extra 50 mile round trip to see him (this is the first time ive been in 10yrs). he better sign the bloody form or i'll change to a local doctors!

so yeah i had to rearrange my appointment with my CDC from tomorrow night at 8pm! i hope the doctor signs the form!

i ended up going to evans and buying a few new tops and cardigans today too, i also got some dye for my hair. i think the first step in losing weight and loving who i am regardless what size is to take more care of my appearance. as soon as ive cleared my student overdraft i'll get my hair done properly and my nails eyebrows etc every month, i havent done that in years but little luxuries like that make me feel good about myself so why not! ive spent long enough hiding behind fat and glasses, its time to cast that all aisde and be someone i WANT to be :)

i still feel really happy. i AM going to do this, if this GP says no then i'll start ss+ or something until i find a GP that says its okay, but i WILL lose this weight!


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How annoying for you!! Good to keep upbeat as you say this WILL happen for you, its just been delayed a day :)

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