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Bexie's Diary - Can I Come Back?!

Hi everybody,

I joined Minimins around this time last year when I attempted the Cambridge diet. I lasted all two days before I cracked and rang the Chinese! Since then, I have dabbled with Weight Watchers on and off, never losing more than half a stone.
So I have decided to start posting on here as an incentive to keep it up! I have been lurking and reading a lot of people diaries during the past year, and Starlight's in particular has inspired me no end!
I do weight watchers at home as I find it much more convenient. I officially started on 2nd January, so my first week is nearly over! Weigh day is Wednesday. I have around 5 stone to lose in total, maybe more, maybe less. I will set a final target as I get closer.
So that's me! Wish me luck everybody, and I'll keep you posted on the weigh in result. Hopefully I'll keep it up this time, and not disappear off the forum in a couple of weeks :)
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Hun I could have written that post myself! Although I did last longer on cambridge LOL!!

I have 5 1/2 stone to lose and I also started on 2nd January. Its my firat weigh in on wednesday evening.

Come on we can do this!



escaping the fat
Bex keep posting! its a mistake that lots of us make (myself included) that when we are not doing so well we disappear off the forum when really its when we are struggling that we could do with the support that could be offered. Do it differently this time it might just be the change you need.


is gonna shine in 2009
i'm in too cos my weigh in day is weds and i have 5 1/2st to lose too. Welcome to the gang hun x
Oh lovely!! a new diary for me to nose at!!! the very best of luck pet, please keep us updated and if there is anything you need... well you know!!!
Well everybody, today was my first weigh in and according to my bathroom scales (I'm doing WW at home), I have lost the grand total of 6lbs! Am absolutely thrilled, especially because it doesn't even really feel like I've been 'dieting.' Thanks to everyone for all their support so far! Good luck to all the other Wednesday weigh in girls! x
Thanks all, I'm chuffed to bits and am celebrating with a well earned Chinese tonight (all pointed of course!). I know I won't lose half as much next week, which is a shame. But I just keep thinking, the slower it comes off the longer it'll stay off!
How did everybody else do in their second week on average? Did it slow down loads? I'm going to be doing more of the same this week, because it's obviously working! I also have the WW move more DVD but have so far only taken the wrapper off. That's enough exercise for me for now :)


is gonna shine in 2009
well done girl, knew you could do it!!

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