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Bex's diary....

Well here goes,

I've now been on induction for a week and so far overall, its been a success I think. Have stuck to the plan (again I think!) Apart from out to dinner Mothers Day. Was v tricky looking at menu but chose salmon in creamy asparagus sauce and ate the steamed broccolli and cauli that came with it. Rest of the week have had eggs for breakfast (sometimes as omelette or with bacon/mushrooms), green salad with tuna or chicken for lunch and similar for dinner too. Have had the odd sugar free jelly with cream or bag of pork scratchings and tend to have a lump of cheese when the kids have a snack after the school run! Haven't tried the bars or mims yet. I think I went into ketosis on Thursday, had the strange taste in my mouth and all of a sudden had lots more energy. Although constant mild headaches still an ongoing feature but bearable!

Loss so far, 11 pounds in 7 days. Which I know I should be thrilled with but!!!.....

This morning when I weighed had put on a pound. Feeling a bit blue now. Could it be the salmon on Sunday?!?! Suppose could have been white wine and/or flour in the sauce. Not using sticks but fairly sure still in ketosis. Knowing me, and from past experience, this is where I would usually starve myself for a few days, get even more fed up and give up totally at the weekend!

If anyone got any ideas or suggestions I'd be grateful. Going to really try, drink more water, cut out the coffee altogether and have green tea instead and see what happens. Maybe I shouldn't weigh myself everyday either! Doesn't help that its a wet and windy day here too!!!:sigh:
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Well first off - don't starve yourself! Most people who cut right back on the calories on Atkins (and I speak from experience) find that they sts or have very small losses. You've already taken away your bodys primary fuel (carbs) , if it feels like it's not getting a decent supply of protein and fat to use it will hold in to what it can.

1lb isn't a significant gain though i know it's hideously upsetting to see. My weight tends to wander up and down by 2lb or so all week. So it could just be a normal fluctuation.

It could be the sauce. Most white sauces or creamy sauces are made with flour to thicken. If you just pour cream into a pan and warm it it goes runny, not coating consistency. It might just be enough to have made your body hold on to a little bit of water - which means a week of strict induction will see that lb whooshing back off, with a couple of lbs of fat.

Drink lots of water is the best tip. The way to get rid of retained water is to flush it through xx


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Oh also, 11lbs in a week is huge! And loss tends to slow right down for a bit after a big loss like that so your body can adjust. If you look at the vlcd forums, even they experience smaller losses in either the 2nd or 3rd week. Try and look at your loss as a monthly achievement seen in week by week installments.
Thank you, sometimes when this stuff goes round and round my head I think I'm going loopy!!

I think I'll try to stay off the scales for a bit. Have bought a litre bottle of water today so will make sure refill and drink 2 a day

And having felt like fasting all day just had a bacon omelette!


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And a bacon omelette which is completely legal!

Rose is right, becky - eat as much as you can off the induction list, it seems to help a lot of people on the weight loss - especially the leafy green veg. if I eat less veg, thinking I'll save the carbs for something naughty, I never do as well as when I eat my full three mugs a day.
Was wondering about that too, didn't have my normal salad at lunch time. But definitley will tonight.

Wondered about anyone else's experiences with caffeine too? Have been drinking lots of green tea but also a couple of black coffee's a day as well. Could this make a difference? Not sure I could cope with the headaches being worse and I know they would be if I gave that up too!!!


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I could not give up my caffeine or I would go loopy, only have decaf after 9 at night normally. Well done on the 11lbs - that is a huge amount in a week, try and stay off the scales, once a week is enough - trust me xx


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Well done on the 11lbs so far. Keep eating! Keep drinking lots and it will keep coming off:)
Thanks everyone. Am drinking water like its going out of fashion and just had some lovely smoked salmon and cream cheese for lunch! Bought some fruit teas yesterday as well to try and cut down gradually on the caffeine.

Def not weighing myself til next Monday now!! :)
Well that didn't happen! Managed to stay off scales for 3 days and lost another 2 pounds so my faith is restored for now at least! And I had 2 glasses of wine last night! Naughty on induction I know but I'm amazed I lasted the 12 days!

Think I'm going to stay on induction style during the week then relax just a tiny bit at weekends and see how that goes. Any thoughts on that idea?!?!


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It depends what you mean by relax. If you mean 'have a couple of glasses of wine', might slow you a tiny bit but should be fine. If you mean 'have something that takes me out of ketosis', if you're like most other people who have tried this you'll probably find that it might be okay once or twice but in general eating too many carbs at the weekend means your body spends a few days living off those, you have to deal with getting back into ketosis, and while you might maintain your weight, losses will mostly be small or non-extant. Relaxing is one thing - most people who have been on induction for a month or so end up adding a few little things now and then - for me it's peanut butter occasionally and a few low carb products - just keep a close eye that you're not taking yourself out of ketosis. In my opinion that does more damage than it's worth.
Thats great, thanks for the advice. I think I probably mean just a couple of glasses of wine. And going to try the mims for the first time today as well, maybe the odd tomato/avacado. Quite excited about that! Then going to aim for just the protein and green stuff during the week.


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You should be fine with tommytoes and avos (I have them both in small amounts myself) it's just a matter of knowing how much you're having. But neither are going to cause bloodsugar spikes. Live dangerously ;)
Well done with the weight loss,I would not worry too much as stress can stop you from losing weight or even put it on..:)
Thanks guys, honestly don't think I could do it without the support! I did put .75 of a pound over the weekend, which I'm putting down to wine, but it came off plus a bit more yesterday so maybe it was water! Back on it with a mission this week, aiming for 9 more pounds by Easter. I know its a tall order but got a party on the Saturday night!! :)
Official weigh in today (although have sneaked a few in between!) and lost 3 and a half pounds this week. Put one back on this morning but think I can live with that as had 2 glasses of wine Saturday and 1 yesterday. Otherwise have been pretty strict. Was feeling a little bored and ordered the new you book, so following that have decided not to worry too much about the caffeine and will have a few brazil nuts each day as a snack. Getting there! Would really like to get to the under 200 lb mark by Easter....:):):)


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Well done Becky, good loss :)

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