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Bex's WW Diary - 47lbs to go!


Green tea advocate!!
Hello everyone, i normally gate crash everyone else's diaries but thought it was about time i did my own! :D

I'm Bex, 24 - from Worcestershire. This is about my 3rd time back on WW, i used to do really well on the plan, but lost about 20lbs and gave up both times :confused:

Anyway, i started back on the 5th of August and 10 weeks later i'm 18.5lbs lighter! :) My first target is 3 stone for Christmas.

Thanks for listening, I'm on here quite often as it really helps keep me motivated! :D
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Green tea advocate!!
Thanks guys! I can't wait till i've got to my first target - hopefully that will give me the motivation to keep going!! :D

I've put myself on a bit of a kick-start this week, im hvaing; Porridge for Brekkie (2.5pts), Ceareal Bar Mid-morning (1.5pts), WW Meal for Lunch (4.5pts) and my dinner at night (7pts) - i normally allow a couple for a snack in the afternoon and my milk for coffee (2.5pts) -
Plenty of Green Tea too!

I think i might have lapsed recently due to my house move, i know it's easy to blame things but it really has been a case of too busy to eat all day (moving boxes and unpacking) and then gorge on the nights! Now i'm back into a routine tho so i'm sure that will help...

Sorry i'm waffling again! :D
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Green tea advocate!!
Well i thought i should pop in and say hello - i had an awful weekend for WW! I didn't eat particularly badly but i did get through two bottles of wine - oh dear...next weekend i have decided to go T-total so i don't have any slip ups!

I desperatly wanted to get 2lbs off this week aswell...looks like my monthly target is slipping away! :( x


Green tea advocate!!
I haven't been in here for ages and felt the need to pick it back up! Well since the last post i managed to do my 21lbs!! And now i'm working towards my 10% :)

This forum really keeps me motivated, my biggest downfall has to be the weekend - the wine comes out :( I'm hoping to resist this weekend and not touch any...we'll see how that goes :D

Anyways, tonight is WI and i'm hoping to get 2lbs off - I'm sure it's achievable as i have been rather good this week.

Oh another thing, I've found the most yummy lunch, Weight Watchers (and John West) Tuna in tomato sauce (1pnt) and two pcs of Wholemeal Bread - it is sooo yummy! I would encourage everyone to invest in a few tins!! :D
Hey Becky, well done on your 21lbs! That's a really good result and hopefully u
you'll be on track for your Xmas target :)


Green tea advocate!!
Ah thank you!! :) I can't wait to finally get there! I've been trying for years to loose weight but this time it just seems to be happening and it's giving me the drive to keep going!
wow well done Becky. That's really good going. I noticed you said you have lots of green tea. Has that helped?


Green tea advocate!!
Ah thanks everyone, i really appreciate it :)

I do drink rather a lot of Green Tea!! And i think it makes a difference, the weeks when i drink more of it i tend to loose more. I'm not sure what it is, whether it rids your body of excess fluid or speeds up your metabolism - all i can say is that it does something lol. Some people can't stand the taste of it, but if you drink it with Lemon or Cranberry it makes it more bearable! :)

How is everyone elses week going? x
youve done really really well :D youve helped drive me to keep going! only week and half in n the noveltys wearing off but reading postive posts is a great help well done you!


Green tea advocate!!
Well i STS last night, but really happy with my loss so far and i'm still positive i will get to my christmas goal!! :) only 15lbs to go!!

Amanda - 4lbs is fantastic at your first weigh-in!!! Well done!! :) I think being positive is key to successful weight loss and this forum is fantastic for support!

Anyone have any tips on how i can give my weight loss a bit of a boost, i'm dead on 17st at the moment and that push to get into the 16's is proving very difficult - help me!! :) xx


Green tea advocate!!
Yayyy i did it! I broke the 17st barrier and lost 3lbs this week!! Whoooop!!! xx


Is in the Zone
Yay good for you ... I know how good it feels to break into a next stone ... well I can just about remember that far back - have been in the 18's for toooo long now!



Green tea advocate!!
Thanks Twiggy! :) I don't know if it is a mental block or what, but i always struggle getting over the threashold! It's strange to think that just a few weeks back i was 18.7 - i'm so proud of coming this far :)
It feels great :D x


Green tea advocate!!
Well i STS this week but after loosing 3lbs last week i can't complain. I've suddenly become terrible at tracking what i eat and i know this is normally the time when i begin to fall off the wagon :( I'm not going to allow myself to do that this time!!

I've just been into my e-source and i'm going to track everything this week religiously!! I would love to get my 10% next week, just 2lbs to go!! xx


running strictly on fat!
I know how it feels - I seem to be doing well for few weeks and then bam and cant really stop myself.
You'll be back on track sooner than you think - good luck with your journey xxx


Green tea advocate!!
Ah thank you - it's certainly having it's up's and down's!! :) Mini, 11lbs in four weeks is fantastic!! How did you do it???

I'm pleased i haven't gained anything since i started in August, thats an achievement - i've STS for three weeks out of the 14. I'd love to be in the 15's for xmas but i'm not sure if thats going to happen now - 5 weeks to go and 12lbs to loose!! xx

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