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Big Guts

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Has anybody ever seen Bigguts.com?
I somehow stumbled upon it when looking for a weight converter online.
From what I can gather, it's a forum devoted to the sexualisation of watching a man's stomach grow.

Now, personally, I think most (apart from the obvious) sexual kinks are fine. But I am wondering about the health implications of this fetish. The men there seem to be encouraging each other to eat as much as possible to put on weight around the midriff...

I was wondering if anybody has any thoughts on this?
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Lol had a look, how can people get a sexual kick from this! I think its jus an excuse and greed for people to sexualise being overweight so that they dont have to tackle their weight x
S: 15st10lb C: 15st3lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32.4 Loss: 0st7lb(3.18%)
Yeah, that's just it. They discuss all the fattening food they gorge on, and although I think it's good for women to be cury, and generally don't find super skinny people attractive, this actually sickens me. There are young boys on there too. Impressionable teenagers. Gah.


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S: 17st13.5lb C: 17st8lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 45 Loss: 0st5.5lb(2.19%)
I find i quite unfair that anorexic sites have been given a lot of publicity and shut down but they dont do the same to ones glorifying obesity!


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some men deliberately feed their wives up becuase they like bigger women, its just the same thing but online i guess.
I am quite firmly in the "what pleases two consenting adults is their own business and no-one elses, provided it falls within what is legally considered acceptable for two consenting adults to do" camp. We come in all shapes and sizes and all of those shapes and sizes are mere physical variants, so if you get your kicks off having more partner to have fun with, no skin off my nose.

Why shouldnt bigger people be sexual? Do their genitals and emotions suddenly stop working because they gained weight?

No, of course they didnt. And if you go on gay dating sites, which I have in the past with a gay friend who was looking at what was about, there are MANY categories of attribute that people can choose in terms of what they are looking for, whether that be uniforms, piercings, tattoos, other body modifications, skinny, fat, bald, hairy. If there is a variation, there is usually a category to cover it.

Men, gay or straight, often like to be visually stimulated by imagery of their preferred tendencies. Thats just the way it is. Of course there are health risks, and sites like that SHOULD be age restricted to those in adulthood.

Maybe it isnt healthy, and maybe they are taking risks with their own health - but people do that every day, in all sorts of ways. As responsible ADULTS that is their, and our choice. There is nothing illegal about what they are doing as I can see it. Pro-ana (encouraging anorexia/eating disorders/extreme weight loss) is not healthy either and yet sites about it exist. But Anorexia is considered a mental illness - yet overeating and extreme forms of obesity are not in the same way.

There will always be vulnerable people on the internet who are drawn to sites because they want to achieve something that society frowns upon.

But fat or thin, fat lovers, or those who fancy people who are painfully thin... they all have sexual feelings, the same needs and desires to be wanted and desired - and some of them have what would be considered fetish or extreme desires. If it is harming someone vulnerable, that isnt a good thing, but if it isnt, and responsible adults are choosing to do with their bodies what they want - who is anyone else to judge them on that?
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... and some of us here would never get anyone, if others didn't like people in all shapes & sizes...


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Of course everyone has a right to be how they want to be but i just feel these sites encourage being overweight because this kind of thing is very personal for me as due to encouragement i am where i am. Of course i am to blame for it aswell but i really wish i had the influence to lose weight instead of put it on. People mention a lot about anorexia but never that much about overweight issues unless its something bad like not treating overweight people on the nhs. Everyone has a right to be who they are and they are beautiful no matter how big they are but something really has to be done about weight issues because sooner or latter like me people realise what have i done and then life gets really hard and depressing. Thats exactly where i was until i joined sw and started losing weight but i still have low days because i'm addicted to scales and i know weight goes up and down but if it goes up my whole day is spent very low. I hope i dont cause offence to anyone.
Safia, if someone does that to you against your will or under heavy duress, then that's different- but these people are making their own choices through free will, as far as I could see, they join that board freely and of their own volition because they get off on that sort of thing.

It isn't as simplistic unfortunately as "something needs to be done about weight issues" because despite the health implications, to those people, the weight is not an issue, it is a bonus. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. You cannot also generalise that it is because they are sexualising their weight to excuse their weight issues- how does that explain people with a foot fetish or a leather fetish or any other sort of fetish? Some people just get off on larger people, and some people get off on being larger - and yes they may be harming themselves but as I said, so do many of us who choose to do things that may be harmful to our bodies, drinking, smoking etc. You can find harm in many of lifes pleasures - every coin has a flipside - but there really is no way to change something that is built into a persons make-up - unless they want to change it themselves - which they may or may not at some point in their lives.
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I am in two minds about this. Because I am, and have always been a person who completely agrees with the 'consenting adults' thing. I am a curvy woman, and although dieting, I want to retain my shape. So I can fully appreciate that some people find obesity attractive, and power to them. But the fact that pro-ana or mia sites exist does not make them acceptable or healthy.
On the flip side, I find it very dangerous for people to be supportive towards those whose sole goal it is to become extremely unhealthy. I am not going to preach the benefits of being a healthy weight, everyone on here will more than likely know them!

It is conflicting, and a moral I have always struggled with.
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Personally I find any sort of weight gain fetish disturbing as it is not healthy.

'Feeders' are a bit of a strange breed. An old friend of mine went through a stage of being 'fed' on line. He got off on it but moved on to an adult baby fetish instead. Each to their own.

These 'big is beautful' sub cultures are quite fascinating. The whole BBW thing spread through on line porn and clubs like Big Girls Paradise for example. Size acceptance is good on one level but is it encouraging widespread obesity and poor health on another?

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