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Biggest Loser...

I love love love it! Jillian and Bob are awesome. Unfortunately, i have to battle with my dad for control of the HD box in the evenings. Something tells me I'll be watching it online. How long does it take for it to appear online? Anybody know?
I'm not sure how long it takes to appear online...can't be too long though eh?

I also love Bob... YAY!!
oooohhhhh reallyyyyy?????

thanks for that i love it !!

ive been watching the Australia one which is on sky real lives.
Me too except I have to watch that with my calculator to work out the kilo's lol... takes me ages but it really does motivate and inspire me :)


i will be slim
lol yeah im always trying to convert the kilos to pounds.

ill wanna go on there...:cry: i think its amazing the transformation of some of them.
Jillian has just has a new series here in the states... she moves in with a family for a week and she spares no-one but you see a softer side of her when she has heart to hearts with them to get to the bottom of the issue , after the week she leaves them, but not before they have to set themselves challenges and return 6 weeks later where the family is presented to everyone....., great TV, very inspiring, even the hubby watches it
Is that Losing It with Jillian? It looks good!
Yes it is... wasnt sure if it was on in the Uk yet, but I have to set my DVR for it ...hells kitchen USA is on at the same time... and have been in tears most weeks
Oh if your trying to find them on line try looking on Hulu.... they tend to be on there the next day... if not the same day


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Just flicked over. How far have they made them run on the first one? Someone is literally crawling :eek:



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Really? I bet they are going to be so so proud of themselves at the end of the series when that will seem like a doddle to them

Which series have you got over there, is it the couples one?....that was the last biggest loser one here...
Biggest Loser USA - Already addicted!

I watched the new series last night and I am addicted already!!! (so is my boyfriend although he doesnt like to admit it... hee hee).

Cant believe how hard they push them, it made me pick up my gym stuff as I walked out the door today so I can go after work!! ;)


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What channel's it on? I love The Biggest Loser!

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