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Binge fest!!


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Well, having struggled to stay on track for the last 2 weeks (even so still lost 6lbs!!) i eventually crumpled last night in work when one of my colleagues brought in the left overs from one of local bakeries - and boy did i crumple in style!! (sorry Debz!!:cry:) I was like a woman possessed - Treacle loaf, cream cake, muffin, ciabbatta and the list goes on. Felt really ill after it all and bloated:mad:. However the good news is that i went to bed and woke up and am now back on track!! This is the first blow out i've had really since the start (ok except for my hols but that was planned) and i am putting it behind me. I have been on 810 for the last few weeks and have less than a stone to go. Yes it is harder to stay focused but i'll only let myself down if i stop short of my final goal - so, it might take me a little longer to get there but i am gonna be there:). Last time i got to this weight with WW i gave up and put it all on again. Not doing that this time. Might have bad days but hopefully these will be followed by more good days!!
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Its a whole new day now hunni, good luck, you have come a long way and the finishing line is in sight hun keep going.xx
Just put it behind you and don't beat yourself up about it, but don't give in or give up (I did the same on WW, got to goal and then just ate and ate which was so stupid) - I KNOW you can do it
Hi Jax

Well done you on getting your head around it. I've had a terrible 3 weeks but have I hope turned a corner this morning.

Not getting weighed this week, although I think I have a small loss but just want to get back in the right place.

Keep going you are so very nearly there.



getting slimmer
never mind - your back on track now.
just put it behind you and concentrate on today.
you know you can do t and just had a little slip up for one day, at least its not been a week slip up!!
good luck with your last stone, and working up the plans. xx

ps...did it taste as good as you thought it would?
everybody had scone, jam and cream after dinner yest,(we live in devon!!) cant wait to have one when i'm at goal!!
Sometimes you only have to remember we are programmed that temptation is a possibility only have to look in the bible to know that, hope you enjoyed it, put it down to an enjoyable moment, store it in your brain, and remember why you are dieting - John
Dieting, Binging, Cheating, if you are brave enough to carry on, and own up to others what you did, you are closer to getting to the goal, it is only when people diet, binge and cheat and not tell anyone, and then when they say they lost 10lb when they lost say 2, its only that person that would be losing out on themselves, you did well owning up, let it pass, and start again, can you tell i am a Dad? - John


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dont worry hun we all have days like this. just ask yourself why it happened and how you were feeling when it happened. hopefully you will realise why you did it and be able to controll it next time there is temptation by putting feelings and decisions into place to stop it.
make it a learning experience :)
today is a new day and you will do fantastically i no you will.
good luck you will lose the last stone in NO time :)


Only a few more pounds...
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Yeah I agree with everyone. I binged this week (oh well from Thurs) (had a chinese on thurs, had nando's fri, had gourmet burger saturday, had lamb with trimmings sunday) :-(
It happens to the best of us. I was doing so well and it so happened it was TOTM and well, blahhhhh the rest was history. I am not doing that again cause yesterday I had a turn for the worst, I think cause I ate so much, my tummy wasn't use to it - I got a severe headache and felt really nauseaus all night. I was in bed til 1pm today. Drank craploads of water and black coffee, relieved my headache and I feel fine now. It's bollocks cause I'm not far from my goal weight, approx 12lbs and I'm faffing around... Well done to you anyway for having the right attitude and moving on. Good luck!! We're only human at the end of the day! ;-)


I ♥ CD !!
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just draw a line under it Jax tomorrow is a new day and a new start you've been brillant so far and wont be long till your at goal :party0038:


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S: 15st0lb C: 15st0lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Aw,thanks ladies (and gent!!:p). I'm back on track since my binge but have decided to move up to 1000 tomorrow and then 1200 to move the last few lbs. I feel that if i don't re-introduce more food soon i will be tempted more and more to give up completely. My new exercise regime starts afresh as well as i haven't done anything since i got back from hols (where i walked/jogged 4 miles nearly every day!!) i mean, why did i stop doing it just because i got home?:confused: Although it would be nice to get back to the heady days of fast weightloss - i do look and feel so much better now and the anxiety my weight problem then caused has been much reduced. I am really looking forward to experimenting with healthy foods and delicious low fat recipes which i can share with my family!!:)

I love cooking and i've really missed that!
This is such a cool diet - don't think i'll ever give up the CD mousses!!

Good luck everyone!!:p

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