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Yeah, it's because you have loads of excess energy. I used to get it all the time when I liked drinking red bull. I would recommend you don't just lie in bed though, other wise you'll just get irritated. Maybe watch telly or something? I find watching some programmes really helps me become tired. Although not action ones... :)


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maybe stay awake & read?? It can tire you out because you have to hold the book upright lol!

I find myself going sideways until the book is resting on the bed and I'm asleep and hubby has to put the book away and tuck me in :D


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Feeling better today......i feel so sick after a binge that i dont know why i do it...:cry:

I need some motivation....usually we go on holiday around this time of year but we cant afford to this year so i dont have anything to look forward to or aim for.:sigh:

I have messed up 3 times this week,i feel sooooooooo unmotivated


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Sorry you're feeling the way you are, instead of thinking about a holiday to aim for why not organise a night out for summer, then you can aim to look gorgeous for that x


One day at a time :)
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I agree with doodlelover!

Thats a fantastic idea!

We cant afford a holiday this end of the year either and its proper depressing :(

hope you feel better soon, just remember, we all mess up sometimes but think of it like this... eating healthy all day and then having a binge when you dont feel able to cope is better than eating crap ALL day then having a binge on top! Or even just eating crap all day.

You'll do good hun :) just look at how much weight you've lost already ! :D

Just out of curiosity, what is it you're binging on??


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i thonk u mean what is it am not binging

chocolates,chips,crisps u name it...ive had it:break_diet:

i know ive lost alot of weight but still have 4 stone to lose....dont know why im not so motivated anymore..esp after xmas..before i had willpower of steel..:cry:


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Hi Rani,

me to rani, i cant stop scoffing of an evening, then i dont sleep well, I am finding it really hard to motivate myself at the moment.


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Hi Rani, hope you're feeling better!

I have this too. I diet so hard then binge and feel so bad, bloated, hot and sweaty at night, sometimes I sweat so much I have woken up cold from clammy sheets.. . :mad: I think it's to do with your internal thermostat going back up after dieting, your body lowers temp and blood pressure when dieting, I actually feel better dieting than after a binge, even though I want the food. I had this over Christmas and ganied half a stone!!! :mad: And all over xmas I couldn't sleep and sweated it was awful and I asked myself why I even bothered it wasn't worth it....

So I made a note of it and now when I reach for choc and bikis I think about lying in bed and sweating... and it has put me off I must say :) So write it down, put it on the fridge. I have such horrfic nightmares of it happening again it has kept me steady, although not lost that half stone I'm nearly there!


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Bah, it's been a bingey week. It's been cold and grey and miserable outside, and your brain's going "Eat food. You're gonna need it. Winter's coming. The cave's going to get even colder. You're a mammal. Food keeps you warm. Eat, eat, eat! More calories! Now if you don't want to die!"

Don't worry about it. Just realise what's going on, accept it, and move on. Next week will be better. You've had the calories your brain wanted. Now tell it to shut the hell up and do what you want :D

'Tis the problem with having billions of years of evolution and only a couple of hundred years of sustainable farming, I'm afraid. Instinct still overwhelms logic. Console yourself with the fact that if you'd been alive five million years ago, you'd survive far more readily than people who don't binge in the winter months :D

Alas that makes us a bit out of date these days. So we have to adapt. Making it through a harsh winter without eating so much isn't enough to convince our tiny monkey brains that we can do so again next winter, I'm afraid. It just means your conscious mind has to do a lot more work.

But it's possible. We are, after all, human. We're adaptable. We can choose what to eat, and when to eat it. Mostly we pervert that and eat whatever we like, whenever we like, but in reality it means that we should choose the food which will fuel us best and be best for us, and eat it when we need to eat it not whenever we're a bit bored and fancy a nibble (oo-err).

I have an extra punishment to remind me not to binge: I get trapped wind that's so painful my guts go into spasm and I go into shock for 3-4 hours. Which I admit is surprisingly helpful most times. But even I've succumbed to pizza, ramen, gyoza, garlic bread, cheesecake and crisps this week.

And I'm not fussed. Because obsessing over it just convinces you that you're not in control. It makes it easier to become a repeat-offender, because "I couldn't help it. I just had to binge. Again. And again."

Pfft. I'm in control here. No matter how much my feeble brain tries to convince me otherwise :D


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Hi girls,

Thanks for the words of wisdom....:).. I have lost 6 stone since last january but messed up in november odds and keep losing 7lbs od and putting it on again.:eek:

I put on 7lb at xmas and new year to...:cry:its so hard just to get back into the routine ..well ive had my binges and tmr is my weigh in day..and a new fresh start once and for gona do this if it kills me..ive had enough.

When i binge i eat everything in sight and my belly swells up...after few days dieting it goes down again.i think its water retention..thats why we all lose more in the first week...well be good ladies..all the very best..xx