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Any other birders out there?

Not too much into twitching or listing but like to get out there in the fresh air and, well, just bird... Although i'm finding Herts a bit of a bird desert - perhaps anyone knows differently?

Been doing some BTO Atlas work over the winter which has been interesting.

I'm also a licensed ringer, trained for two years now on my C permit and working towards my A.

Sammy x
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I'm not a conscious birder but I do like birds and look out for them when I walk along the bay. We have some interesting ones here on the south coast (a lot of sea birds obviously) ... on my way into Uni the other day, stuck in a traffic jam on the A32, I saw a hawk-like bird swooping along the perimeter fence of the helicopter repair depot. We're usually travelling too fast in our hectic lives to see things like that so it's nice to observe nature and modern society living hand-in-hand like that. :)


Right to the 'point'
Is this like doggers but shorter and eaiser to keep under control?

*gets coat*
Is this like doggers but shorter and eaiser to keep under control?

*gets coat*
Not sure what kind of 'doggers' you're referring to but in case it's the rude one .... :eek::eek::eek:

Oh Puggso thats very funny, but, erm, no not quite like that.

Russian Doll, yes, always good at the coast and always a surprise what you can see even in the middle of the busiest towns and cities.

When i was up in Scotland i lived near the sea and must say i miss it very much.

Sammy x
Birds like the animal I am assuming? I love to birdwatch, but it is winter here and all our birds flew south till spring...
it is winter here and all our birds flew south till spring...
Hey Flab-u-less-Flower!

Yes birds as in the feathered sort :) Where are you located? I guess if you are in Canada or the far north of Europe it will be a couple of months yet before the birds are returning?
Yup Really Near Canada..., White Frozen Tundra...
:giggle: white frozen tundra eh? i know it well :giggle: No penguins then. :doh: sorry wrong hemisphere LOL
oops, posted message twice, thats what you get when trying to text and post messages at the same time. Sorry! :confused:
Nope, no penquins in tuxedo's! Just a whole lotta white stuff aka SNOW
Ooh lovely snow! Always makes you want to run outside and roll about in it like when you were a kid :D Have friends in Manitoba,Canada and they keep sending me pics of the frozen lake and all the snow they have at the moment. At -40'C it sounds a bit cold to me though! They've just done a winter survival course out on the frozen lake and had to build an igloo and sleep in it for the night. Sounds great i would love to get out there one winter.

Sorry, going on a bit there! Gotta dash now or be late for work. Sunny but frosty day near London.

Sammy x
Hi SammyMac!

I'm an idle birder - I live above the beach so sit in my lounge with my telescope watching oystercatchers, curlews and little egrets as well as the ubiquitous gulls. I also live near an area well-known for bitterns and marsh harriers as well as other wetland birds, and which is occasionally visited by some rare migrants such as glossy ibis and sometimes even ospreys! We also have great bustards near here, though I've not seen them yet.