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birthday ideas??


Going for Goal!
go karting sounds fun, you could also get away with glugging loads of water while kindof exercising!!!! Ooh and the bonus would be the carton milkshake tetras! None of your mates will be enjoying one of those! x x x


Going for Goal!
lol definitely, you lay down the law girl and enjoy it!!! x x x
Why don't you celebrate twice?! Go for the karting with the OH, have fun and enjoy doing something a bit different for a change.. But, why don't you also consider going for the pamper option too?! Get some friends round or go to one of theirs, arm yourselves with all the cosmetics you have but have never had time/effort to use and have a right good girly giggle! If you're into makeup, look on youtube as there's that girl that went on gmtv recently who puts videos on there teaching you how to do celebrity looks! Haha, looks a right giggle n done in your own home with your mates should be fun! xx


Going for Goal!
thats a good idea claire! have you searched on youtube? what did you search for, i'd be up for giving it a go, i have a fancy dress party which is celebrities.

Thanks hun x x x


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
Go clubbing with a gang of mates, but just drink water all night. You'll have such a good time that you won't notice hunger or even think about diets! (Don't overdo the dancing though - I did, and it creased me for two days, lol! :party0048:)

Since I started CD and have been able to get back into some of my club gear, I've been clubbing nearly every weekend - it's just like old times!! :party0049: (It's my birthday in May too, and guess what I'll be doing? Hey, you guessed it! :D)


Going for Goal!

Here's a link to one of her videos and the others she's done are all listed down the right hand side :) She's cool and you'll have a right girly bday giggle doing the celeb looks :) Have fun and let us know how you get on! Maybe some pics! Lol...

YouTube - BRITNEY SPEARS TOXIC make up inspired look

Enjoy! xx
Thank you hun, it looks like a real good giggle! The final outcome would prob scare everyone half to death in the daylight! Def one for a club night!
Hope you have a good time what ever you decide to do. Clubbing sounds like a good idea to me

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