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bit worried Im dong it wrong

im only 5 days in and my wi is friday morning and Im really worried I wont have lost anything

i dont feel any different and im hardly ever hungry

im having 3 snacks,e.g.a banana, bag of snackajacks, cereal bar = 260
2 shakes and dinner which consists of fish in breadcrumbs 300 calories and unlimited amounts of veg ???cals
3 coffees with sweetners and semi skim milk

I know its early days but I wondering if Im eating too much

ive exercised only once.... 40 mins workout dvd.

just want to prepare myself for the worst and have advice to take forward if I do get on the scales and they havnt budged :sigh:
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I hope my diet works like yours and I lose weight without noticing! Haha.

I'm sure you'll have lost weight though, you'll be pleasantly surprised!
i have lost nearly 2 stone and dropped clothes sizes but when i look in the mirror or catch my reflection in a shop window i dont think theres any difference.
Im sure you are doing fine i was very rarely hungry in the early days of the diet.

sweetie darling

Eye on the prize...
Sounds like you're doing well. I tried slim fast but I was always so tired! Re cals in veg, I never think it's right to calorie count fruit or veg, you should be able to eat whatever you like (ok I know some people think you should limit things like bananas or potatoes, I dunno, maybe that's a personal choice)
Anyways, even if the scales show you've stayed the same or not lost what you'd hoped keep going, take note of how your clothes feel.... or even get the scary tape measure out!!
Personally I fell out with my scales a while back, I'm not sure we'll be on speaking terms any time soon either! I have 2 pairs of jeans that I'm going to keep trying on (as well as limiting myself to once a week weigh in!)
Maybe find something you want to fit into & see each time you try how it's that bit closer to looking fab again?
Hmm anyways, I've been no help at all really have I? Good luck.... never never never give up!!
thankyou , you really have been a help
when i say I dont feel any different I dont mean how my clothes fit or how i look in the mirror because its only been 6 days , just mean I feel quite full most of the time in fact today really quite bloated
Ah well , Im doing all I can, Ive followed the plan and know what calories Im consuming so theoretically i should lose
if not will switch my snacks for fruit only and see if that works
also need to do more exercise
all my new dvds have arrived so no excuses really
thanks all, will post my wi result friday Eeeekk

sweetie darling

Eye on the prize...
From what I know about slimfast it can make you a little bit bloated, so maybe it's just the shakes? Not a bad thing tho - feeling full. Being ''on a diet'' shouldn't mean you feel hungry all the time.

Good luck for Friday! :cross:
well got up this morning , still feeling bloated and would you believe it srtarted my period on my wi day Hmmmm
convinced this most probably means I wont have lost anything........ got on the scales with a heavy heart and Ive lost 4lb woweee!!!
so Im thrilled with that and hopefully by next friday with the bloating gone and another week on the plan Ill have another decent loss
Sooo relieved as I would have probably have found it pretty difficult to find motivation had I not lost anything
thankyou, just got to get through this weekend , spending it in a luxury hotel with friends and on top of the delicious full english breakfasts they will be tucking into we are eating in Pizza Express tonight and Chef and Brewer tomoro, its gong to be a test thats for sure, I hope I make it lol
a 4lb loss is fantastic well done,,,have a good weekend away try make healthy choices where possible but enjoy yourself and jump back on wagon when you get home
Thanks Kazzy
Ive been on pizza express website and looked at the menu , so i have already chosen what im going to eat (chicken salad) and dont need to see the menu when i get there ......limits temptation maybe ?
I will be eating fruit for breakfast (luckily the hotel has a huge selction of exotic fruits to choose from) while the others are having bacon and eggs, wont be easy but im not going to let the hard work get ruined this early on
I want to lose again next week
exotic fruits sounds fantastic and not looking at the menu at pizza express is a brilliant idea id say definatly limits temptations
With a 4lb weightloss i bet your not worried your doing it wrong any more are you hun? Well done you!
well must be doing something right
stuck to the chicken salad last night and didnt have desert phew
had fruit and yogurt for breakfast and actually was surprised how easy it was to avoid the full english and chocolate muffins
have just eaten a half a cheese sandwich, half a packet of crisps and half a donut ooops
my son ate the other half, im not too worried though, ill have a lovely chicken salad again tonight and fruit and yogurt for breakfast
straight back on the wagon when i get home

OMG sorry everyone Im turning into a complete food bore haha
look on the brightside at least it was only half the sandwich,crisps and donut,, you could have ate the whole thing
sounds like your doing pretty good away hope your enjoying yourself
lovely weekend thanks and stuck to the diet mainly
had 2 large glasses of wine last night ooooppsie !!
will just have to work out the calories of that and either cut out some snacks or do an extra workout this week, Hmmmm wondering if it was worth it .....probably was though he he

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