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Bl**dy cystitus!

I have the dreaded cystitus and all thoughts of syns and Healthy extras have gone out of the window! I had cereal for breakfast but then had ham sandwiches for lunch, I'm synning the bread because I have no meat in the house and want to stay on EE. I've only managed to find ordinary cranberry juice and I know it has syns but it's all I've got so it'll have to do!

I've not had this for years and forgot how miserable it is! I'm drinking loads but it's only making it worse. I'm seriously ready to cry right now :cry:
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I've had 3 sachets since yesterday but it's just getting worse. I think i'm going to have to pop along to the doctors, if I can sit still in the waiting room for that long lol
Aww I can really sympathise with you...I get this all the time, I think some people are just prone to it arrrgh! I once got acute cystitis which means you get a fever and flu like symptoms, this is beacuse I left getting it treated too long and it turned more nasty than usual! So be sure to see your doc asap hun.

As for the syns etc, just try your best to stay on track, but if you cant its ok, as when you feel better you can just get right back to it again. Its so hard when you are ill hun so dont feel too bad xxxx


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Yes I would go to your GP. It's no fun feeling as if you're passing barbed wire.


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And make sure you're drinking loads of water.

Money saving hint - instead of forking out for brand-name cystitis relief sachets go to the pharmacist and ask for some potassium citrate mixture. Same generic stuff but dirt cheap!


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I keep Cranberry tablets by me - and I find drinking Cranberry juice and taking the Cranberry tablets help to clear it up....

But, if it is no better tomorrow I would see your GP, don't suffer unneccessarily - and my gosh it is suffering!!!! Thinking of you. X
Aaahhh poor you. The most loathesome thing... I had a tip years ago, & it seems to work for me though it tastes vile... a heaped teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water several times a day. Helps to alleviate the burning sensation & neutralise the acidity. Works for me...! Cheap too. Hope you feel better soon x
I so sympathise. I have had cystitis this week and last. I ignored it at first then went to the chemists for the sachets. Took them for 2 days but was no better. Then went to doctor where urine was tested and given antibiotics. Have to do another sample tomorrow. Have taken all the pills but still a bit sore.

And diet has just gone; I have been eating anything and everything

Irene xx


Slow but sure....
Thank goodness, I hope you have a bit less pain now - cystitis is such a horrible thing to have and so 'lowering' I think, so glad you went to your doctor's, take care now, and keep drinking those fluids. X

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