Going to do this......
has made me eat!! oredered new phone on friday, they said it will be here either sat or latest mon. b 4 one.
Well waited the postman came, no phone.was good had my shake and drank 1 1/2 litres.........then got bored, so phoned them up to be told that the phone would be here the 19th tomorrow. Well was so annoyed told them to cancel it. they of course cant do that cause the ordered has already gone thru. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so went downstairs to tidy up and found a chewed up lead to my running machine bloody dog!!!!

so reached for biscuits had two was still fumming..........Calmed down and took my grandson to pictures then found my hand in his crisps plain dont even like plain, so gutted now just had two peices of toast!!!!
Scared to wee on stick now BUT WILL START AGAIN TOMORROW all this because of a phone how STUPID am I.
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Back again!
Aww, you're not stupid, just a moment of weakness. Put it behind you, dust yourself off & get straight back on the wagon. Don't eat anything today, don't do the "oh sod it, I've spoilt today, might as well carry on now", damage limitation is called.

You'll be fine, it's easily done, just get straight back on to it.


Is it a contract upgrade? Is it coming directly from T-mobile or from a sub dealer?

If it's a contract upgrade handset they can cancel it if you return the handset (although if you won't have it till tomorrow they've almost certainly not sent it out until today).

I run a sub dealership y'see :)

Don't worry about your little blip! You'll be back in the pink in no time at all. But now you can identify that you eat when you're angry and it'll be easy to stop yourself in future.


Going to do this......
it was a second line coming direct from t mobile...................
will be good now just soooooooooooo annoyed was on day 12 the longest i have been on a diet!